Continental Split Trailer: Jessica Morris' seismologist deals with an earthquake-sized problem

Nick Lyon directed the disaster film based on a screenplay by Joe Roche and Gil Luna
Continental Split-Jessica Morris
Continental Split cast in a still from the trailer

The streaming platform Tubi released the trailer for the disaster film Continental Split, starring Jessica Morris, Chris Bruno, and ER Ruiz in the lead roles. Nick Lyon directed the film based on a screenplay by Joe Roche and Gil Luna. The official logline of the film reads thus: "As the New Madrid Fault threatens to tear the U.S. in half, a desperate team of seismologists and government agents race to prevent disaster while the clock ticks down."

The cast also includes Quintin Mims, Alison Chace, Canyon Prince, Allison Gold, Joe Kurak, Crew Morrow, Zackary Simonini, Jae Garcia, Roxanne GC Brooks, and Iman Mireille Kamel.

Produced under the banner of The Asylum, Continental Split is slated to release on Tubi, the free-to-stream OTT platform, on June 29.

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