The Instigators Trailer: Casey Affleck and Matt Damon hatch a criminal conspiracy

The crime comedy is directed by Doug Liman from a screenplay written by Chuck MacLean
The Instigators Trailer: Casey Affleck and Matt Damon hatch a criminal conspiracy

Apple TV+ has released the trailer for The Instigators, a crime comedy directed by Doug Liman, written by Chuck MacLean, and starring Matt Damon and Casey Affleck in the lead roles. The trailer gives elaborate information about the film's plot, which revolves around Damon's former marine officer and Affleck's ex-convict, who take up a job that involves robbing illicit mayoral funds in a building. It also contains some of the film's quirkiest lines and sequences, especially one where Damon threatens the staff and customers in the building by yelling, "I hold a gun!" and another where he asks his therapist (Hong Chau), "What if I take you hostage with your permission?"

There is also a casual Jason Bourne reference as Damon drives through a city, evading tailing cops, as he quips, "We are in the middle of a high-speed car chase!" The trailer gives off the impression of a buddy cop film, with plenty of humour and action.

The film also stars Michael Stuhlbarg, Ron Perlman, Chau, Alfred Molina, Ving Rhames, Paul Walter Hauser, Michael Stulbarg, and Don DiPetta. It brings director Liman and actor Damon back together after The Bourne Identity; they also co-produced the Affleck starrer Manchester by the Sea. It also reunites Damon and Affleck after last year's Oscar Best Picture winner, Oppenheimer.

Damon is also producing the film, alongside his longtime friend and Casey's actor-director brother Ben Affleck, John Graham, and Kevin J Walsh. The makers are planning a limited theatrical release for the film on August 2 and then drop it on Apple TV+ on August 9.

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