Timothy Olyphant to voice Terminator in Terminator Zero

It is an anime series for Netflix based on James Cameron's Terminator universe
Timothy Olyphant to voice Terminator in Terminator Zero

Timothy Olyphant has signed on to lend his voice to a Terminator robot in Terminator Zero, an anime series for Netflix. Olyphant is the first voice cast member of the series, which consists of eight episodes. Based on James Cameron’s Terminator universe, the series explores the fight for humanity's survival against the AI system Skynet. Malcolm Lee creates an AI system as a competitor to Skynet but soon faces the threat of an assassin robot from Skynet, making him grapple with the ethics of his creation.

Mattson Tomlin, best known for The Batman II and Project Power, is the writer and showrunner. Japanese animator Masashi Kudo is the director. Production IG, the studio behind the Ghost in the Shell and FLCL franchises, is the animation company associated with the series.

Olyphant is known for his roles in series such as Deadwood, Damages, and Justified, as well as films such as Hitman and Live Free or Die Hard.

Terminator Zero is slated to release on August 29 on Netflix.

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