We Live in Time Trailer: Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh sizzle in decade-spanning romance film

John Crowley directed the film from a screenplay by Nick Payne
We Live in Time-Florence Pugh-Andrew Garfield
Florence Pugh (L) and Andrew Garfield (R) in the trailer

We Live in Time co-distributor StudioCanal dropped the official trailer for the romance film, directed by John Crowley and starring Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh in the lead roles. The trailer shows a film spanning multiple timelines—past, present, and future. In one timeline, Garfield and Pugh meet and form a romantic relationship. In another period, they become husband and wife and parents to a girl. The trailer also hints at a potential conflict between Almut and Tobias after the latter runs her car over the former, leading to a loss of memory for him.

After Garfield and Pugh presented at last year's Academy Awards, it was disclosed that they would collaborate on the love story. Nick Payne wrote the screenplay for it. Leah Clarke, Adam Ackland, and Guy Heeley produced the film. A24 will distribute it alongside StudioCanal.

We Live in Time will first have its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. Then, it will release in a limited number of theatres on October 11, 2024.

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