Jeffrey Donovan not to return to Law and Order

Law & Order new season will release early 2024
Jeffrey Donovan not to return to Law and Order

Actor Jeffrey Donovan will not be returning to the 23rd season of Law & Order series. The actor played the role of Detective Frank Cosgrove and had left the show due to creative differences. However, a replacement is yet to be revealed.

Cosgrove was a sleuth who often was in loggerheads with his partners and workers and helped to nab a killer in the finale of the 22nd season. It is to be noted that it is the first time the show will go through a change in cast since its 2021. Anthony Anderson had left the show after the first revival season and was replaced by Mehcad Brooks. However, there has been several cast changes since its first season.

Law & Order will release early 2024.

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