SAG Awards 2022: Helen Mirren honoured with Life Achievement award

The 28th SAG Awards were announced on Sunday
SAG Awards 2022: Helen Mirren honoured with Life Achievement award

In the recently conducted 2022 Screen Actors Guild Awards, legendary actor Helen Mirren was bestowed with the Life Achievement Award. 

As she received the honour, Helen, in her speech, said, "Lifetime Achievement sounds so grand. I am still alive so by that measure I am eligible but honestly any achievement that I have succeeded by my mantra which is basically to be on time and don't be an a**.

"Thank you SAG so much for this. I hate to say the word 'Sag' at my age... its you know."

She added, "I am simultaneously enormously proud yet driven by the understanding that I do not deserve this and there is the conflict that I believe you all understand insecurity vs ego. That cocktail most actors sip in the evening as they contemplate receiving the gift when they become an actor..."

Helen also spoke about dedicating the awards to people who have inspired her throughout her career. 

"I waited for inspiration and it came to me through all those people who I have shared my professional life with, the actors. I will talk about actors 'I like to think inside the box'. I joined our tribe of vagabonds and it is you actors I want to thank for your wit and humour."

She praised the energy and dedication of actors and added that it upsets her when she reads about "actors being maligned."

"It is so easy. Isn't it. Those lazy and false assumptions of vanity and in my experience, the opposite is true. We love and admire each other's work. Together we love, we weep, we worry, we change clothes, we throup, we suffer diarrhea..., don't you? I do!" she said with her famed wit.

She called everyone sitting in the room a "magnificent tribe. Stretch it across culture history and time. This is for the actors."

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