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Sajin Shrijith

Tharun Moorthy: I wanted Saudi Vellakka to be an eye-opener for hatemongers

The writer-director tells Cinema Express what compelled him to take on the film's unique subject matter and the experience of making yet another film with no big names

07 Dec 2022

Teacher Movie Review: Tonally inconsistent revenge drama with a satisfying pay-off

Writer-director Vivek's second film is a contained story limiting its focus only to a few characters, doing things quietly instead of waking up the whole neighbourhood

05 Dec 2022

Saudi Vellakka Movie Review: Tharun Moorthy strikes gold for the second time

Saudi Vellakka is replete with effective emotions and A-grade performances

02 Dec 2022

Gold Movie Review: Prithviraj-starrer is an exhausting, 165-min-long Instagram reel

Gold is a simple case of a thin plot stretched beyond a necessary length by annoyingly jarring editing choices

01 Dec 2022

Arun Chandu's Gaganachari enters the festival circuit

The director is known for his films Sayanna Varthakal and Saajan Bakery

30 Nov 2022

Kumari Cinematographer Abraham Joseph: We wanted to make the land a character of its own

Cinematographer Abraham Joseph, who makes his debut with director Nirmal Sahadev's second feature -- streaming now on Netflix -- shares his experience of shooting a horror fantasy with a minimal budge

30 Nov 2022

Hasyam Movie Review: Jayaraj's film drips with pitch-black humour

Although the filmmaker asks us to accompany his characters to hospitals or ride with them in ambulances, he constantly maintains a light touch

28 Nov 2022

Jayasurya's Kathanaar team prepares South India's largest modular floor for fantasy epic

The big-budget 3D fantasy project employs virtual production, also claimed to be the first in India

28 Nov 2022

4 Years Movie Review: Ranjith Sankar impresses with a novel love story

One of the most admirable things about 4 Years is that it doesn't go in a predictable direction, even though, deep down, you wish for it

25 Nov 2022

The Good Boss Movie Review: Javier Bardem showcases one of his best performances

The actor plays the head honcho of a factory manufacturing industrial scales in this dark Spanish satire

24 Nov 2022

Padachone Ingalu Katholi, a political satire sans violence

Director Bijith Bala on his new film Padachone Ingalu Katholi, which hits theatres on Thursday

23 Nov 2022

Revisiting a common factor: In conversation with Sajitha Madathil

Sajitha Madathil talks about her new feature, Aanu, which co-stars Namitha Pramod. The Sidhartha Siva directorial is an official selection in the 27th edition of the IFFK

23 Nov 2022

1744 White Alto Movie Review: Senna Hegde's crime caper is moderately fulfilling

1744 White Alto is vibrant in the Rajesh Madhavan-Anand Manmadhan portions or the cops' banter but lethargically paced in other places

18 Nov 2022

Wonder Women Movie Review: Anjali Menon's feel-good drama invites you to be vulnerable

The economical 80-min screenplay of Wonder Women packs a lot of emotions

17 Nov 2022

Rewriting Mukundan Unni was a frustrating process: Director Abhinav Sunder Nayak  

The editor-turned-filmmaker on his six-year-journey with his debut feature and extracting the best out of leading man Vineeth Sreenivasan    

15 Nov 2022

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