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Rosa Salazar joins the cast Captain America 4

Rosa Salazar joins the cast of Captain America 4

The role Salazar will be playing is yet to be confirmed

Published on 28th May 2023

 Undone Review: A beautifully trippy, multi-genre mind-bender

Undone shares with that show the otherworldly quality in addition to some themes such as psychological trauma, depression, existential crisis, loss, grief, and so on

Published on 24th September 2019
Battle Angel Alita Review

Battle Angel: Alita Review: A visually stellar adaptation that promises great things

You can see quintessential Cameron throughout the film - the wide sweeping landscape shots, the military gait of the cyborg characters, the romantic subplot alongside overarching human greed...

Published on 8th February 2019

Trailer - Alita:Battle Angel

Published on 9th December 2017

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