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 Yeon Sang-ho: Zombie films reflect reality

 Yeon Sang-ho: Zombie films reflect reality  

The Train to Busan director, speaks about the film’s sequel, Peninsula, and the parallels between his fictional world to our real one that is ravaged by a pandemic

Published on 24th November 2020

Yoodlee Films comes in support of cinema owners with this gesture

The team at Yoodlee booked an entire theatre to watch South Korean zombie film Peninsula

Published on 5th December 2020

Peninsula Movie Review: An average follow-up that fails to live up to its predecessor

Despite being a standalone sequel, Yeon Sang-ho’s Peninsula fails to re-create the effect Train to Busan had

Published on 27th November 2020

Indian trailer for Peninsula features music from Anurag Kashyap’s Ugly 

The much-hyped sequel to the 2016 zombie-thriller Train To Busan, Peninsula is releasing in India on November 27 

Published on 13th November 2020
Peninsula trailer

Peninsula's 8K trailer out ahead of its release

Peninsula is the sequel to the popular Korean zombie thriller, Train To Busan

Published on 16th June 2020

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