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Amala Paul's Aadai controversy: 10 times heroines were subject to double-standards in Tamil cinema

10 times Tamil heroines have been subject to double-standards

Is drinking and smoking a bad habit in general or is it just wrong when a woman does it? Why isn't it okay if a woman talks about sexual urges? Why isn't it ok to portray an assertive woman in charge of her sexuality?

Here are 10 times we, as an audience, judged women actors on a different moral scale:

Published on 19th July 2019

22 years of Ishq: 10 funniest scenes from the comedy classic

The ‘90s wouldn’t be the same without Ishq: a film with monkey James Bonds, treacherous pipes and twisted statues.

Published on 28th November 2019

25 years of South's dancing diva Simran: Here are best Tamil songs of this evergreen heroine

Dance in Tamil cinema goes through drastic changes with every passing year. But every era churned out some icons with incredible moves. And the late 90s and early 2000s belong to the grace and swift moves of Simran. The fact that we still reminisce about her moves despite having contemporary dancing stars like Tamannaah is a testament in itself to Simran's graceful dance. 

Published on 5th April 2020

A Supervillain for a Superstar: The best villains who have faced off with Rajinikanth over the years

It is often said about cinema that it is tough for a hero to stand out if not for a good villain. It gets even tougher when a supervillain needs to be envisaged for a superhero. And as recent Tamil films have shown, it is toughest to fashion out a strong villain for a demi-god of a hero, and in Tamil cinema, it doesn't get bigger than Rajinikanth. 

Published on 13th January 2020

CE Year in Review: From Anna Ben to Joju George, 20 ace Performers of Malayalam cinema in 2019

2019 turned out to be a great year for actors, both male and female. They took on roles that challenged them and improved themselves in the process. While most of the male actors in the list played characters with various shortcomings, the female actors played women who had to bear the brunt of the men's actions. We also got a dominating 'mass' hero and a couple of delightful comic performances too.

Published on 1st January 2020

Cheronobyl, Game of Thrones and Fleagbag win big at the Emmy Awards 2019

Here are the full list of winners from the Emmy Awards

Published on 23rd September 2019
Engineers' Day Tamil cinema

Engineers' Day: 12 times engineers were reel-life heroes in Tamil cinema

India celebrates September 15 as National Engineers’ Day to appreciate the contributions of Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya. A Bharat Ratna awardee, Visvesvaraya had designed and patented automatic water floodgates, and was a renowned precursor of economic planning in India.

Published on 15th September 2019

From Baasha to Kaidhi, Tamil films ft. a hero with a 'past'  

There is a template of films that seems to work not just in India but across the world. From John Wick to Shooter, Hollywood has its share of films with heroes who have had a different life and leaves it behind. But the situation arises for them to embrace their old self as the past comes haunting them. Here are some Tamil examples:

Published on 4th June 2020

Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan: The memorable performances of the actor

From heist film anti-heroes to a Mughal king, Hrithik Roshan has juggled a variety of roles. He’s been subtle with some, likably cool and overblown with others.

Published on 10th January 2020
Happy Birthday SS Rajamouli

Happy Birthday SS Rajamouli: 10 SSR films that changed the facade of Telugu cinema

In a hero-driven industry like Tollywood, stars, with their huge fan-following, can easily influence the overall revenue of the film. Amid all this box-office craze and demigod-worship, only a few filmmakers wield the power to rule over the charisma of their leading men, and take the audience into their own world.

Published on 10th October 2019
Happy Birthday Suresh Gopi: 8 memorable roles of the superstar

Happy Birthday Suresh Gopi: 8 memorable roles of the superstar

An actor who started out playing negative characters and later excelled in action hero roles, Suresh Gopi gradually proved that he is equally comfortable in comedies and arthouse films. We look at eight roles that demonstrated his remarkable range.

Published on 26th June 2020

Hero teaser in pictures: Sivakarthikeyan turns vigilante with Action King Arjun

The teaser was launched by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan

Published on 24th October 2019

Heroes from the West

Jayam Ravi-starrer Vanamagan is releasing tomorrow, and the trailer has made it apparent that the actor is playing the role of a tribal man who finds himself trying to come to grips with life in a city. The scenes show that the character is bamboozled by technology. The story of a man from the jungle who tries to get used to life in a city to comical effect... Tarzan anyone? Or George of the Jungle perhaps?

This isn't the first time that a fictional pop figure has inspired a Tamil film director. Here are some of the other Western characters that have seemingly influenced the making of our films:

Published on 22nd June 2017

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