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Vikram, RRR, Kantara and 7 more films top Google's Year in Search 2022

The list also includes pan-Indian films like Pushpa and KGF: Part 2

Published on 8th December 2022
(L) RRR; KGF Chapter 2; Brahmastra

Brahmastra beats KGF 2 and RRR to become the most searched Indian Film of 2022

The Kashmir Files and Kantara also made it to the list

Published on 7th December 2022

IFFI juror Sudipto Sen: The Kashmir Files did not fit in 'artistic criteria', Nadav's remarks 'unethical'

Recently, the other three jurors, Jinko Gotoh, Javier Angulo Barturen and Pascale Chavance, backed Nadav's remarks in a joint statement

Published on 5th December 2022
Nadav Lapid

“The Kashmir Files is a fake film”

Israeli filmmaker (and IFFI jury head) Nadav Lapid doubles down on his scathing take-down of  The Kashmir Files and explains why outrage must not stifle film criticism

Published on 4th December 2022
Vivek Agnihotrix

‘Your opponent’s film is always propaganda’

The director of The Kashmir Files, Vivek Agnihotri, responds to Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid’s dismissal of his film as ‘cinematic manipulation’ and ‘propaganda’

Published on 4th December 2022

Nadav Lapid: People can claim The Kashmir Files is brilliant, I can believe the opposite 

‘Not taking back what I said… comments about the film not the tragedy,’ said the Israeli filmmaker

Published on 30th November 2022

Nadav Lapid: My opinions on The Kashmir Files shared by all jury members

‘I understand that under pressure or fear or anxiety, people can suddenly change their statements,’ he said

Published on 30th November 2022
Vivek Agnihotri, The Kashmir Files: UnreportedĀ 

Vivek Agnihotri: Will bring out the whole truth through The Kashmir Files: Unreported 

‘If any great filmmaker can prove that any shot in The Kashmir Files is not true, I will stop making films,’ he said

Published on 30th November 2022
(L) Nadav Lapid; The Kashmir Files poster

Nadav Lapid: Happy to be on my way to airport now

The Israeli director said he spent the whole day “apprehensive” before making the remarks against The Kashmir Files

Published on 30th November 2022
Nadav Lapid

Who is Nadav Lapid?

Speaking on behalf of the jury, Lapid had stated that they were “disturbed and shocked” by the inclusion of The Kashmir Files in the 15 competition films

Published on 29th November 2022

Vivek Agnihotri slams Nadav Lapid: Urban naxal, terrorist sympathiser - watch video

The director of The Kashmir Files challenged Nadav Lapid and all 'intellectuals' and 'urban naxals' to disprove the veracity of a single shot, dialogue or event in the film

Published on 29th November 2022
Pallavi Joshj responds to The Kashmir Files IFFI controversy

Kashmir Files actor Pallavi Joshi: Overwhelmed by how people defended the rude comments of a genocide denier

‘Vivek and I were always aware that there are elements that would not like to see the stark truth on the screen,’ she said in a statement

Published on 29th November 2022

Darshan Kumaar: Kashmir Files not on vulgarity but on reality

At the closing ceremony of IFFI, jury head Nadav Lapid had called the film a “vulgar propaganda”

Published on 29th November 2022
The Kashmir Files

Vivek Agnihotri, Anupam Kher react to 'propaganda, vulgar movie' remark on The Kashmir Files

Speaking at the IFFI closing ceremony last night, Israeli filmmaker and jury head Nadav Lapid labelled The Kashmir Files as a 'propaganda, vulgar movie'

Published on 29th November 2022

IFFI jury head: Kashmir Files is propaganda, vulgar movie

We were, all of us, disturbed and shocked after watching it,’ said Nadav Lepid

Published on 28th November 2022

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