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12th Man Movie Review: Passable whodunit held together by a few stimulating ideas

12th Man has its share of shortcomings, but it's a relief to see Mohanlal playing a level-headed character again

Published on 20th May 2022

Panchayat 2 Series Review: Not just a laughing matter

The second leg of the Prime Video series finds its emotional core

Published on 20th May 2022
Dr Rajasekhar in Shekar

Shekar Movie Review: An engrossing thriller

An official remake of the Malayalam crime thriller Joseph (2018), Jeevitha stays mostly faithful to the blueprint of the original film aside from making it tight and crisp in the second hour

Published on 20th May 2022

Jo and Jo Film Review: Laidback, stress-busting entertainment at its finest

Nikhila Vimal, Mathew Thomas, Naslen and gang give their best in this hilarious lockdown comedy

Published on 16th May 2022

Sibiraj: Sometimes, you do films not for the reviews but for the revenue

...says the actor, who returns with last week’s Ranga after a gap of two years

Published on 16th May 2022

Meri Awas Suno Movie Review: Jayasurya's affecting performance elevates this simple feel-good film

The actor shines once again in a role that makes use of his physicality

Published on 15th May 2022
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Critical Keertanegalu Movie Review: A decent and topical film on cricket gambling

Critical Keertanegalu takes the audience through a grim reality of the gambling addiction

Published on 14th May 2022
A still from the film

Selfie Mummy Google Daddy Movie Review: A reflection of the present lifestyle

The story is told in a light-hearted tone, sticking to the core of it without meandering into details

Published on 14th May 2022

Don Movie Review: Lack of finesse notwithstanding, this Sivakarthikeyan film is an effective entertainer

"Don is a celebration of the college spirit, and for the young, it’s timely, while for the old, it’s a whiff of good ol’ nostalgia," writes Sudhir Srinivasan about Sivakarthikeyan's latest 

Published on 13th May 2022
A still from the film

Jayeshbhai Jordaar Movie Review: Ranveer Singh steers a rocky dramedy

Divyang Thakkar’s film takes aim at societal ills, but beyond a charmingly atypical hero, lacks punch

Published on 13th May 2022

Puzhu Movie Review: Mammootty brings out his most chilling turn in ages

Puzhu is at its most effective when it keeps its focus on one or two threads and infuriates when it diverts its attention to something else

Published on 13th May 2022
A still from the film

Ayngaran Movie Review: A noble message doesn’t absolve this film’s many flaws

Convenient turns and poor writing affects this good-intentioned film that speaks about the misfortune small inventors face

Published on 12th May 2022

Ranga Movie Review: Sibi Sathyaraj, Nikhila Vimal shine in a middling survival thriller

The lack of focus and a few too many missteps pull down this well-performed survival thriller from the heights that it had the potential to reach

Published on 13th May 2022

Modern Love Mumbai Review: A soapy, syrupy anthology

Raat Rani and Mumbai Dragon are standouts in this entirely ordinary romantic series


Published on 13th May 2022
A shot from The Getaway King

The Getaway King Film Review: Entertaining and stylish, yet not lacking in depth

The Getaway King fuses a technically brilliant style with exceptional acting and writing to present the larger-than-life story of popular thief, Zdzisław Najmrodzki

Published on 13th May 2022

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