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Bigg Boss Season 3 - A look back at the most controversial moments from the show

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 - A look back at the most controversial moments from the show

The season was filled with joy, sorrow, and not-to-mention controversies. Here are some of the most prominent controversies from this Season.

Published on 10th October 2019
Tharshan Bigg Boss Tamil 3

In pictures: Tharshan leaves the Bigg Boss Tamil house while fellow housemates stand frozen in shock

"Who do you think will win the Bigg Boss 3 title?" This is a question that every housemate is asked at one time or the other. Right from the beginning, there was one name that was mentioned by almost everyone (except, of course, Vanitha) — Tharshan. However, Vijay TV has taken the tagline of the show — Expect the Unexpected — quite seriously, and this week's eviction card bore the name of the crowd favourite from Sri Lanka.

Published on 30th September 2019
Bigg Boss Tamil 3 - Kavin exits the Bigg Boss house voluntarily leaving Sandy and Losliya in tears

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 - Kavin exits the Bigg Boss house voluntarily leaving Sandy and Losliya in tears

We are down to the final five as we head into the final week of the show

Published on 27th September 2019

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 - Is Kavin really leaving the Bigg Boss house today for 5 Lakhs? 

Tharshan assembles Sherin's love letter and reads it without her knowledge

Published on 26th September 2019
Bigg boss tamil 3 Day 89 Episode 90 Highlights

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 - Sherin and Kavin get into a fight after the latter stands up for Losliya

Mugen emerges as the winner yet again in this episode's ticket to finale task

Published on 20th September 2019

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 - Tensions arise between Kavin and Tharshan in one of the Ticket to Finale tasks

A sleepless night for the housemates in this episode of Bigg Boss 

Published on 19th September 2019

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 - Cheran, Sherin, Losliya and Kavin get nominated for evictions this week

The screws tighten as the "ticket to finale" tasks begin in this episode

Published on 17th September 2019

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 - Kamal praises Losliya's father for his calm behaviour with Kavin

Host Kamal talks to the family members who visited the house the previous week

Published on 15th September 2019
Bigg Boss Tamil 3

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 - Sandy gets his very own "Vaa vaa en devadhaye" moment, and Kavin gets a rude shock

Two happy reunions and one awkward friendly visit lead to some memorable moments that the contestants will cherish forever

Published on 14th September 2019

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 - Losliya's father makes some strong comments to Kavin about relationship with his daughter

After 10 years of separation, Losliya and family reunite in this episode of Bigg Boss 

Published on 12th September 2019

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 - The wounds between Kavin-Sakshi start to aggravate

The three new guests voice their opinions on the various situations in the house

Published on 5th September 2019

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 - Vanitha brings out The Hulk in Kavin  

A day of heated arguments brings out the angriest sides of the housemates 

Published on 3rd September 2019

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