Catherine Tresa: I wanted to do something that's challenging and different

Actor Catherine Tresa finds her character in Bhala Thandanana relatable
Catherine Tresa
Catherine Tresa

When Catherine Tresa works in a film, she works with utmost passion and sincerity. Working across the industries taught her that numbers and results are not an actor’s priority and what gives her a sense of fulfillment is the kind of films she is a part of. Right now, she is working on three films, and asked if she is in the best phase of her life, the Sarrainodu actor says, “I don’t see things as best or worst. I don’t categorise my career that way. I take a project as it comes and when I take up something, that project will have my cent percent contribution.” Ahead of Bhala Thandanana, Catherine Tresa opens up about the film, completing a decade in Telugu and more.


You have clocked a decade in Tollywood. How do you describe your journey so far?

I am fortunate enough to have worked in the Telugu film industry. I have grown, learned, and have definitely become a much better actor from the day I started out. I am continuing to evolve with every film and am making conscious choices with the kind of scripts I choose to be a part of. All in all, everyone has ups and downs in their lives and so do I. I would call it quite a good journey and I feel happy for where I am today both personally and professionally.

What did you learn from your failures?

Failure is a good teacher because it teaches you what not to do in the future. I don’t think a failure or a success has made me feel self-conscious. In the past, I was worried about saying the right things or not saying them. Right now, I am comfortable and content with what I am doing. Looking back, I have no regrets and I believe I can't live with regret!

You have been busy doing multiple films and the line-up, too, looks impressive. Looks like you have found your ground in Telugu...

I don’t know (smiles). You have to wait and see! It’s definitely an interesting line-up and I would rather wait for audience acceptance.

What are the points to be looked into while choosing a script?

The script is of paramount importance followed by how my character was conceived by the director. We also need a good team to execute the ideas we have on paper.

Tell us about your role in Bhala Tandanana and how you approach it.

I am playing an investigative journalist named Sasirekha. When director Chaitanya (Dantuluri) narrated the script, I felt it was a well-written role as opposed to the female characters that come and go for no reason. This girl did have a back story and which is why she decided to be a journalist. It’s a realistic character and I find it very much relatable to my real self. Perhaps, this aspect has made me approach the character much easier. As an actor, I really had a good time portraying this character because it’s creatively stimulating and seemed effortless and natural.

Why has the film been titled Bhala Thandanana?

Bhala Thandanana was derived from a popular song written by saint-poet Tallapaka Annamacharya. It’s a word giving a punch to a rhythm in the song that talks about equality. The crux of our film is also similar and we tried to showcase that every human is equal irrespective of their financial status. No matter how powerful you are, you cannot let others suffer for your actions and you cannot continue harming people just because they are poor or helpless. I believe that this is a thought-provoking film that stays with you long after the lights have come back on.

You are also part of Kalyan Ram’s period drama Bimbisara.

It was quite an interesting film and I enjoyed every bit of it. For the first time, I am playing a princess and I must say that it’s a character that is totally different from what I have done so far. I will discuss more ahead of its release (in August).

What can you say about your other film, Macherla Niyojakavargam?

It’s a political thriller of a completely different kind. I am playing a fun, vibrant and pleasant character. We have shot around 60-70 percent of the film.

How did Waltair Veerayya come your way?

Again it’s an exciting film to be a part of. I feel happy to collaborate with Chiranjeevi sir. In the film, I am playing Ravi Teja's wife.

Are you excited to shoot with Chiranjeevi in Waltair Veerayya?

Of course, yes. I have not worked with both Chiranjeevi sir and Ravi Teja till now. They are amazing actors and it’s exciting to be on set and learn something from them. I briefly started shooting for the film and am looking forward to the next schedule.

Does a sense of insecurity creep in when you’re working with another heroine?

I’m not an insecure person at all. It's like the script demanded two heroines and my directors think I would fit into a certain character. There shouldn’t be any sense of insecurity as long as you know what you’re doing in the film. 

While most of your contemporaries are exploring women-centric seem to be happy working in commercial you have reservations about not diving into that league?

I don’t have reservations because I wanted to do something that's challenging and different. At the moment, I am choosing films that are coming my way. 

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