Rotten Tomatoes scribe roots for Suriya-starrer, says '#JaiBhim for Best Picture' 

Jai Bhim is one of the 154 films eligible to be nominated for the Best Picture category at the Academy Awards
A still of Jai Bhim
A still of Jai Bhim

Actor Suriya's Jai Bhim has captured the attention of fans again. This time, it was after an international reporter -- Jacqueline -- tweeted in support of the film in the Oscar race. Jacqueline, who is the Awards Editor at RottenTomatoes, also said that the film deserved to be among the Best Picture nominations. This was in response to New York Times' Awards season columnist Kyle Buchanan's tweet, "Which Oscar nomination could provoke the biggest reaction from you tomorrow morning?" 

She wrote, "#JaiBhim for Best Picture. Trust me on this one." Many fans in India have since reacted to her tweet and also believe that Jai Bhim has a fighting chance in the nominations which are slated to be announced on February 8 at 5:18 am PT (6.48 pm IST). Jacqueline will also be hosting a Twitter Space where she will be joined by awards insiders to break down all the morning's nominations.'

The reporter's Twitter handle has since been flooded and she has closed her DM as well due to the onslaught of messages from fans of Jai Bhim and actor Suriya.

Jacqueline then wrote in a clarifying tweet, "Hey, there fellow #JaiBhim fans. I loved the movie. I have no idea if it will be nominated but I will cheer loudly if it does. Thanks for the love but I don't have any inside information. Good luck tomorrow."

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