I felt like I was unemployed for a long time: Shanvi Srivastava

The female lead of Avane Srimannarayana speaks to CE as she begins the first day of shoot on the sets of the film in Bagalkot
I felt like I was unemployed for a long time: Shanvi Srivastava

Shanvi Srivasatava sounds all excited to be on the sets of Rakshit Shetty starrer Avane Srimannarayana. The directorial debut of editor-turned-director, Sachin is currently being shot in Bagalkot and the Saheba heroine joined the team from Sunday.

Busy with her make-up, she takes some time out to interact with us. “I felt like I was unemployed for a long time. Though I had a short stint in a dancing sequence in The Villain, it was just for a day. It’s been months, since I actually stepped into the set of a film and in and out of a caravan,” she says.

Shanvi says, the longer one spends time away from the sets, more is the excitement when returning. “I felt really thrilled on day one of Sachin’s film. It is all coming back. In fact though the shoot was scheduled to start only at 10 am, I woke up at 6 am and was ready well in advance,” she says.

Shanvi had signed up for Sachin’s film a year and a half ago. “I accepted this project, when I was shooting for Saheba. The best part about the film is the subject. It has completely changed since I first signed for the film. The earlier story was also good.  However, the makers decided to take up another angle and that took time,” she says.

Initially she was worried what her role would be in the changed storyline and how things would fit. “In fact I kept troubling Sachin every month over the last one year to narrate the story to me, and the director kept telling me that the character was getting developed. He assured me that my role would be very good. In between all this I even met Rakshit Shetty at an award function, who also had similar words to say,” says Shanvi, adding, “And so I waited patiently.”

The actor says she got a lot of positive vibes from Sachin, and when he finally narrated her role to her from the film she felt it it was worth the wait. “Though I was initially quite frustrated, all’s well that end’s well,” she says.

Shanvi says, she is glad to be part of the fresh story that is set to be “a new genre” in the Kannada industry. However, she does not reveal what exactly this new genre will be. “I am very involved in the story. I won’t call it a completely de-glam role. I play a girl-next-door and a simple girl, but the character has a strong dimension. There are a lot of twists and mysteries behind all the roles in the film,” she says.

Avane Srimannarayana is made under the joint venture of Sridevi Enterprises, Pushkar Films and Paramvah Studioes and has music by Charan Raj and B Ajaneesh Loknath and cinematography by Karm Chawla.

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