'Producers of films like Goli Soda left the industry 10 years ago'

... says cinematographer-director Vijay Milton, who, nevertheless, plans to make a franchise out of the film
'Producers of films like Goli Soda left the industry 10 years ago'

Vijay Milton doesn't make much of the fact that he's directed, produced, and done cinematography for films. "It's not really a big task to be honest," he commences, "It's just like adding decoction and milk to make coffee."

Goli Soda 2, which is coming out four years after the original, stars a host of new faces again. "It is a sort of sequel," says Vijay. "Baahubali 2 started from where the first part stopped and that's one type of sequel. Another is when we have a common idea and premise for two different films. Having an identity was the story of the first part, and retaining it is what Goli Soda 2 will be about."

Goli Soda was about adolescents; the sequel will be about adults. "As the characters in the first film were neither too young nor too old, I had to be careful when writing. What they say had to feel believable. But here, I have been able to do what I wasn't able to do in the first part," says Vijay. He won't call it a 'sports film', though it will touch upon the subject. "Goli Soda happened in Koyambedu with all the kids being in the same environment; the sequel is about different men from different backdrops - out of which sports will also be one."

The trailer showed it to be high on action and Vijay believes that it's one of the film's strengths. "Stunt director Supreme Sundar has been with me for a long time and our sync translates on screen. Be it Goli Soda or the sequel, we've stuck to realism. We had to justify kids being able to take down adults in the first part, and that was really spoken about a lot."

Samuthirakani seems to be the most well-known face in the film. "The first part featured a girl named ATM, who, according to me, is the actual lead. She's the one who kickstarts that story and who eventually brings them together. Samuthirakani's character is an extension of ATM," says Vijay, who assures that it will be nothing like the preachy characters Samuthirakani plays in films he directs. "During the first leg of the shoot, he was raising his hands and speaking the lines aggressively. I had to tell him, 'Sir, ithu antha padam ille' (laughs). He has given a subtle performance and his character too will be a never-before-seen one. He even drinks in this film."

Goli Soda 2 also stars Gautham Menon in an extended cameo. "We approached him for the trailer's voiceover, and he was so impressed with the trailer that he agreed to do an important role. He'll be seen for 20 minutes and the film starts and ends with him. Gautham wasn't comfortable in the beginning and would often say that he'll give it a shot and if it doesn't work, he'll not do it. But now, he's doing some pivotal roles in a few upcoming films (smiles)."

Apart from handling the cinematography and direction, Vijay is also producing the film under his banner, Rough Note Productions. "People might think that when we produce our own film, we have more control. But it's actually the other way around. I don't believe that scripts can be made for actors or vice-versa. Goli Soda 2 could've been made with prominent stars too. But not many producers are up for producing a film such as this. All those producers left the industry ten years back," laments Vijay.

He denies he's more comfortable working with newbies. "Working with Vikram (in 10 Endrathukulla) was fun too. The only difference is, for films such as 10 Endrathukulla, there'll be a caravan. For Goli Soda, there won't be one. Regardless of the film, my team and I are usually on the road and working."

Vijay, who's handling the camera for Balaji Sakthivel's Yaar Ivargal and Samuthirakani's Aan Devathai, says, "The result of Goli Soda 2 will decide what I'll do next." But that doesn't mean he isn't ready with a script. "Goli Soda will be made into a franchise and my next, probably after two years, will be Goli Soda 1.5. It'll be a story of the kids from the first part facing off against those from the sequel and it'll be set between the happenings of the first and second part."

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