Karate kids

Ezhumin, a film starring Vivekh and a returning Devayani, is a sports film targeted at youngsters
Karate kids

Comedian Vivekh, who has shifted his focus to supporting roles in recent times, will next be seen in a martial arts film titled Ezhumin. He will pair up with Devayani for the film directed by VP Viji. Also starring a bunch of kids, the film is targetted at youngsters.

Viji says, "Every child should learn martial arts for their safety as well as fitness. Ezhumin will talk about how important this is and how the politics in the sports department also causes issues for children who want to take their skills to the next level." The director has apparently handpicked children who are National champions from different sports such as Silambam, Karate, Kung Fu, Boxing, and Gymnastics, to showcase in this film.

The film also marks the comeback of Devayani to Tamil cinema. Viji says, "Devayani madam is glad that she's doing a film with a message for her comeback film. Vivekh sir too was very impressed with the story, and agreed to do it as the topic is something that has to reach the masses. He won't play the regular comedian we know him to be."

The director says the film will talk about the issues children face in a normal middle-class family. "Vivekh sir will be seen as a motivator. How does he prep the team against the opposite faction that's led by Azhagam Perumal? Does his team win? That's what this film is about," says Viji.

Ezhumin's audio launch is planned for April, and the film is scheduled for release in May to coincide with the summer holidays. 

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