Surreal to know that a film rests on my shoulder: Kishore 

The National award winner talks about his experience of turning into a hero with Urudhikol
Surreal to know that a film rests on my shoulder: Kishore 

Kishore, who debuted with Pasanga and won for himself a National Award, is nervous about his upcoming film, Urudhikol, in which he's turning hero. "I'm very excited about taking the next step, but the fear of whether the audience will accept me is definitely there," he says. 

The actor plays a school student in the film, which is based on a true story. "It's a family-oriented film set against the backdrop of a village. The story is about how love blossoms between two school children," he says.

Kishore, whose character is named Sasikumar, wasn't too comfortable doing the romance scenes. "But thankfully, it's all tastefully handled. The romance itself will be very simple, like it exists in villages. Considering it's between two school students, it's treated without any mischief. Innum intense ah irrunthuruntha, odirupen."

Directed by Ayyanar, who was an associate of director Krishna of Nedunchaalai fame, this film demanded that Kishore take a break to beef up. "I grew my hair and worked on my body to look older. The difference will be evident," he says. "It was surreal to realise that the whole film rested on my shoulders. So far, in all the films I've done, it's never been the case."

On transitioning from a child artiste to a hero, Kishore says, "Earlier, I was in the field for just the wow factor, but as the years have passed, I've started paying attention to the scripts that come my way. I have also learned how the industry works," he says. "Even as a boy, I was conscious about wanting to make a mark with my cameos. That's why I did films like Drohi, Kamban Kazhagam, and Nedunchaalai." Kishore will next be seen in Saga, directed by debutant Murugesh and is in talks to sign another untitled project.

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