In search of an elusive hit

Composer Achu Rajamani, who has over 36 films to his credit, though he's yet to find fame, talks to CE about his career and upcoming project Goli Soda 2
In search of an elusive hit

Urumeen composer Achu Rajamani, whose last Tamil release was Yaanum Theeyavan, is thrilled to be part of Goli Soda 2.

“I dedicate this project to my late father C Rajamani,” he says. His father, Rajamani, was a much sought-after composer and conductor, who worked on over 700 films in 10 languages. Achu, meanwhile, already has over 30 films to his credit in Telugu, plus another six in Tamil. Yet, he remains in search of that one big hit.

“Though the songs of Yaanum Theeyavan were well received, the failure of the movie meant that all my hard work went down the drain. The timing was just not right, as the GST issues led to the movie leaving the theatres after only three days. My heart went out to the producer Jerome Pushparaj, as it was a launchpad for his actor-son Ashwin,” says the composer.

The silver lining for Achu in all of this, was director Vijay Milton finding his work good enough to offer him his Goli Soda sequel.

“There are four songs in the film altogether: two melodies and two fast numbers. Vijay Yesudas, Benny Dayal and Shweta Mohan have all lent their voices to the album,” he tells us, adding that “there was little need to overdo the music” as Milton’s script speaks for itself.

Though he admits that melodies are his forte, Achu is keen to explore other genres as well. He also seems to have a pretty clear process for how he makes music.

“I make it a point to get all the doubts cleared by the filmmaker before I start composing. Unlike actors, who have the luxury of retakes, a composer has no choice but to work within a limited time frame. These challenges really spur me on to get the tune right the first time,” he adds.

Does he think his fame could be just a single song away? He laughs. “The mantra in the industry is to think of every movie as the first one, and to not keep count. I am not good at maths anyway, but hopefully, music can rescue me.”

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