Middle Class Melodies Movie Review
Middle Class Melodies Movie Review

Middle Class Melodies Movie Review: A breezy, heart-warming tale that leaves you smiling

The brilliant writing of Vinod and Janardhan has been elevated by the performances of the stellar cast
Rating:(3.5 / 5)

When we hear the phrase, "Follow your dreams," we immediately think of out-of-the-box jobs like filmmaking, game design, or wildlife photography. Being different is often conflated with happiness. Middle Class Melodies isn't a tale of people with path-breaking ideas, a vision to transform the world or make their nation proud. Almost everyone here does a job widely considered 'mundane'. But seeing these ordinary people live an ordinary life, and succeed, makes us smile because Middle Class Melodies is the story of most of us.

Director: Vinod Ananthoju
Cast: Anand Devarakonda, Varsha Bollamma, Chaitanya Garikipati, Goparaju Ramana  

Conflicts in our cinema often come in the form of corporate kingpins or gangsters. But here, it is a stinky pile of garbage, an overgrown tree, and a faulty online horoscope generator. True to the title, the problems faced by the people in this universe and the solutions to them are delightfully middle-class. While everyone in Middle Class Melodies has their fair share of problems, they don't constantly seek solutions. They just do what they believe in and hope that the next day will be better.

Director Vinod and writer Janardhan Pasumarthi have made sure that each scene is light-hearted and there is low-key humour running through the story. The brilliant writing is elevated by the performances of the stellar cast. Anand Deverakonda as the driven and innocent Raghava and Varsha Bollamma as Sandhya are a delight to watch. It is quite refreshing to see young actors play their age; the emotions they bring to the screen feel so genuine. Middle Class Melodies is also that rare film in which actors in supporting roles, like Chaitanya Garikipati, Goparaju Ramana, and Divya Sripada, are as effective and memorable as the leads.

It is heartening to see the men in this film have a self-awareness about their failings and apologise to their partners instantly. Time and again, we see Raghava and Chaitanya's Gopal admitting that they are flawed and show a willingness to correct themselves. What could have seemed like needless repetition, feels so organic and essential here because we haven't had enough men, especially in rural tales, behave this way. The older men in this film respect their women too. Goparaju Ramana's Kondala Rao pesters his wife to massage his feet, but the very next day, he volunteers to do the same for her. This subtle gender balance that Vinod and Janardhan maintain throughout the film truly deserves a shoutout.

RH Vikram's background score does a phenomenal job of setting the right mood for every sequence. The BGM will keep running on in the minds of the audience long after the film ends. Also, the delicious picturisation of the special food in the Guntur song by DoP Sunny Kurapati and the catchy tune of composer Sweekar Agasthi will definitely leave a lot of mouths watering.

Middle Class Melodies is so beautiful it makes us wish we could transport into its world and surround ourselves with such hearty people. These melodies are sure to stay in our hearts for a long time.

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