Rajeeva Movie Review: Preachy retelling of an age-old story

Rajeeva Movie Review: Preachy retelling of an age-old story

This is yet another film that attempts to shine the spotlight on the farmers with middling results
Rating:(2 / 5)

Sandalwood welcomes 2020 with Rajeeva. The title has an age-old history, courtesy Dr Rajkumar's super-hit 1972 movie, Bangaarada Manushya. The makers of Rajeeva have made a similar attempt, largely taking inspiration from the epic character.

Director Flying King Manu’s story aims to garner respect for farmers, and encourage agriculture, and preaches how the youth from villages should not forget their roots and get attracted to the glamorous life of cities.

Director: Flying King Manu
Cast: Mayur Patel, Akshatha Sreedhar Shastry

Mayur Patel features in the film in dual roles — as Bheeema, the father, and Rajeeva, the eldest son in the family who stays in the shadow of the former. Having become an IAS officer, Rajeeva decides to head to the city to pursue his career. However, following a heart-wrenching episode, he withdraws his decision and decides to take up farming. But he makes sure his four brothers are settled in good positions, with three of them becoming an MLA, an IPS officer, and a bureaucrat, respectively.  

Rajeeva’s downhill journey starts when one of his brothers takes the wrong route. This not only affects the respect that villagers have for him, but also causes him to lose his wife (Akshatha Sreedhar Shastry); she gets killed by his opponent. The film then follows Rajeeva as he manages to cross several hurdles, settles the lives of many villagers, and walks out of his family to get into teaching.

Similar stories have been told many times in the past. However, the theme about farmers makes it relevant to current times given the growing ignorance among youngsters about agriculture.

Mayur Patel has managed to justify the characterisation of both Bheema and Rajeeva. The actor tries to reflect Dr Rajkumar's mannerisms in the film. Rajeeva also features Mayur’s father, Madan Patel, in a guest appearance as the chief minister. There’s little to say about the host of other actors who are part of the film.

Rajeeva is yet another film that attempts to shine the spotlight on the farmers. However, this film is not very convincing, and the audience will do better to watch Rajkumar’s performance in the evergreen film, Bangarada Manushya.

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