Katheyondu Shuruvagide Review: An interesting look at human relationships

Strong performances across the board and well-written dialogues add weight to this beautiful look at the complexity of relationships
Katheyondu Shuruvagide Review: An interesting look at human relationships

With his two-and-a-half-hour long film, Katheyondu Shuruvagide, director Senna Hegde aims to convey a simple thought -- Life can be quite simple and complications are our own doing. He successfully manages to do so, despite the film feeling a little over-the-top at times. 

Director: Senna Hegde
Cast: Diganth, Pooja Devariya, Babu Hirannaiah, Aruna Balraj

Senna, who is making his directorial debut in Kannada, captures three stories with seven characters through varied conversations. The compendious sentiments are often interspersed with genuine humour, and it is this balance that lifts the film.

Tarun (Diganth) quits his job as a business analyst in the US and comes back home to set up a resort. Although he is not successful in getting guests, he does not lose heart thanks to support from his staff members, and his uncle and aunt. As he looks for solutions, Mrs Mehra (Pooja Devariya) enters the picture. While Tarun was expecting her husband to also check-in, she comes alone for a four-day visit. And every moment he spends with her at the resort becomes memorable. On the last day as she prepares to check-out, Mr Mehra walks in. Tarun’s turmoil and Mrs Mehra’s dilemma make the film.

The complexity of relationships and each character’s perspective on it is aptly conveyed in the film. Credit must go to the director for not giving in to any temptation to deviate from its core. Katheyondu Shuruvagide is a simple yet profound story. Interesting conversations and well-written dialogues (by Abhijit Mahesh) make up for the slightly slow pace of the film.

Point to note, there’s not a single performance that is disappointing. Diganth delivers a matured act, and in fact surprises us with his versatility. Pooja Devariya makes no mistake either and essays the role of a North Indian with great ease. Shreya Anchan and Ashwin Rao Pallaki take us back to our younger days. The two handle the tender love story well. But it is Babu Hirannaiah and Aruna Balraj who steal the show with their performances.

If you want to look at human relationships through a different lens, go watch this film.

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