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The poster of the film

Critical Keertanegalu Movie Review: A decent and topical film on cricket gambling

Critical Keertanegalu takes the audience through a grim reality of the gambling addiction
Rating:(3 / 5)

Ee Sala Cup Namde (This time the cup will be ours) - this line keeps lingering in the minds of Kannadiga cricket fans as the T20 Premier League season is going on in full throttle. Director Kumaar, known for Chemistry of Kariyappa, has come up with a topical film that has been released at the right time. As we witness the IPL glitz unfold, Critical Keertanegalu takes the audience through a grim reality of the gambling addiction that results due to the tournament.

The story revolves around lawyer Kariyappa (Tabla Nani), who appeals to the court to ban *PL games. When he is asked to back his claims with evidence, Kariyappa comes up with four crucial stories of ruined lives - which are told parallelly.

Cast: Tabla Nani, Rajesh Nataranga, Suchendra Prasad, Aruna Balraj, Taranga Vishwa

Director: Kumaar

The film depicts the stories of a to-be-married couple Karna and Jaya, a happily married older couple living alone, an auto driver from Belagavi, and a single parent from Mandya. The common problem of all these people is that they are directly or indirectly victims of *PL bettings. Things look up for the gamblers initially only to take a nosedive later. Their struggles and resolve make up the story of Critical Keertanegalu. It is an honest attempt from Kumaar, who has been inspired by real and relevant incidents. Although the film does not end with a solution to the vice, it sure serves as an eye-opener.

The film also finds some humour in the problems of the characters. Still, it manages to strike the right emotional chords. Despite not featuring any stars, quality actors Tabla Nani, Suchendra Prasad, Rajesh Nataranga, Aruna Balraj, Apoorva Bharadwaj, Vishwa and Apoorva do their job efficiently making the film work.

Today, a large chunk of the Indian population looks at gambling as an opportunity to make money without realising the consequence. Critical Keetanegalu tries to be a wake-up call. 

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