Chaithra Kottur to play Jaggesh’s mother in Ranganayaka

The much-anticipated film produced by Vikhyath A R, is gearing up for release on March 8
Chaithra Kottur to play Jaggesh’s mother in Ranganayaka

Jaggesh-Guruprasad’s much-anticipated Ranganayaka, produced by Vikhyath A R, is gearing up for release on March 8. The makers recently unveiled a retro love track from the film titled, 'Enna Manadarasi'. This song, featuring Jaggesh and Rachitha Mahalakshmi, has lyrics penned by Sharadasutha and music composed by Anoop Seelin. The latter has also crooned the song alongside Indu Nagaraj.

Meanwhile, the team has also announced the return of actor and former Bigg Boss contestant, Chaitra Kottur, to the silver screen after a hiatus. She is all set to portray a significant character, essaying the role of Jaggesh’s mother.

Guruprasad, the director, sheds light on Chaitra Kottur’s character, stating, “The character she plays is quite distinctive. In the bygone black-and-white era, actors like M V Rajamma portrayed such roles. Initially, we aimed to cast someone from that era; however, finding an actor from that age group, with a good sense of humour, was challenging. Thus, we decided to go for a younger actor and zeroed down on Chaitra Kottur. The dynamics of the mother-son relationship will be worth experiencing on the big screen, presenting multifaceted dimensions within.”

Chaithra Kottur shares, “Ever since the pandemic, I’ve been yearning for a platform to unleash my true artistic essence. Guruprasad provided me with this opportunity, urging me to work beyond my limitations. Art pulsates through my veins; it is my lifeline. This role illuminates a different facet of my craft, an opportunity I embrace wholeheartedly.” Recollecting her initial apprehension about portraying Jaggesh’s mother, she further praises the actor’s unwavering support and encouragement throughout the journey.

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