Darshan: I prefer to fight my own battles

The Challenging Star talks about his upcoming mass entertainer, Kranti, which is set for a massive release on January 26
Darshan: I prefer to fight my own battles

A look at Darshan’s trajectory as an actor clearly demonstrates that he has thrived on challenges, professionally and personally. Despite surmounting challenges, the one constant in Darshan’s career has been his legion of fans, who have stuck with him through thick and thin.

The craze of this fandom was seen in the run-up to the release of his upcoming mass action entertainer, Kranti, which will hit theatres on January 26. Directed by V Harikrishna and produced by Shylaja Nag and B Suresha under Media House Studio banner, Kranti is expected to have over 1000 shows across Karnataka with the first day shows already being sold out.

While Kranti is about the condition of government schools in the State, Darshan shares that the title has a bearing to his current status in life too. ‘We are all one in the film industry…but the industry has never been one.”

In fact, this reflection of the film on his present situation is seen in various aspects of Kranti, including the rushes, and the song, Don’t Mess With Him. In a candid interview with CE, Darshan speaks about the film and his intention of finding a conclusion for his professional and personal issues.

‘It is all about Change’

Kranti means revolution, a change, and the tagline ‘Learn to Fight Alone’ gives a better perspective. Usually, a revolution begins with a single person’s thought, which is echoed through a lot of people wanting to bring a change. That is the legacy that greats like Gandhiji and Netaji left behind. Likewise, Kranti explores the present situation of government schools, and the fight to bring change in the system,” says Darshan, who adds that the film with a profound message, also has the requisites of a proper commercial mass entertainer.

“The climax of this film created by director V Harikrishna will be unique, and it will be unlike anything that people might have seen,” says Darshan, adding, “Revolution is necessary to bring change.”

Kranti - Learn to Fight Alone

The film’s tagline, ‘Learn to Fight Alone’ which is relevant for the film, equally applies to Darshan’s own journey. “That has been part of my process, and it has a deeper meaning in my life. It is better to fight alone because I do not want anyone else taking the credit later stating that I am existing because of them. My parents did support me upto an age, but I have stood on my own from the age of 18. I prefer to fight my own battles and reap my own successes,” he says.

Not giving up

Darshan is honest enough to state that a lot of past events in his life are awaiting a conclusion, and he won’t give up till he sees the end of it. “Everything has its time, and if people think that I have forgotten certain issues, and the true side of those incidents, which happened for no reason, they are wrong. The truth will come forward when the time is right. Having said that, I do have a lot of other work to do, and I would like to bring some issues to their right and justified conclusions,” signs off a cryptic Darshan.

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