'I owe a lot to Kichcha Sudeep'

...says Bigg Boss-fame Rajeev, who is awaiting the release of Usire Usire. The first single of the film was launched recently
'I owe a lot to Kichcha Sudeep'

Bigg Boss-fame Rajeev's Usire Usire is gearing up for release, and the makers have just unveiled the first song of the movie. The pathos number, titled Usire Nanna Usire, is written by K Kalyan, sung by Vasuki Vaibhav, and composed by Vivek Chakraborty.

Explaining the reasoning behind choosing a pathos number as the first song, the makers revealed, "We deliberately released this song first, as it holds the entire story's emotions and essence. Listening to it carefully will truly immerse the audience in the world of our film."

Rajeev, brimming with excitement, said, "I owe a lot to Kichcha Sudeep, who not only provided unwavering support but has also portrayed a crucial character in the movie. His impactful performance in the climax is something to eagerly anticipate."

Rajeev, along with producer Pradeep Yadav, took the opportunity to extend their heartfelt gratitude to Sudeep and the entire team for their dedication and hard work.

The film is now in the post-production phase, and the filmmakers are gearing up for a grand release in September.

Alongside Rajeev, the movie stars Sreejitha as the female lead. Moreover, the film features renowned Telugu actors Dr Ali and Brahmanandam, along with Devaraj, Sadhukokila, and Manju Pavagada.

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