'Kreem examines the ritual killing of women'

...says director Abhishek Basant, who has his first media interaction for the film along with writer Agni Shridhar and lead actor Samyuktha Hegde
'Kreem examines the ritual killing of women'

Director Abhishek Basant’s debut film, Kreem, is currently in post-production gearing up for a release. The team, including the director, writer Agni Shridhar, and lead actor Samyuktha Hegde had their first media interaction to talk about their film. Agni revealed that he has been planning to explore this subject since 2011,  

“In 2011, at the press meet of my film, Edegarike, I was asked to give my perspective about Dandupalya. I honestly told that the eighty-odd murders, which were claimed to be committed by the Dandupalya gang, are a lie. Of course, they are no saints, but they were no murderers either. A lot of discussions took place around my statement and the subject. My anger is that those who really committed these heinous murders are not convicted, and they are not even guilty. Such a long-pending story will be told through Kreem,” says Shridhar, who has incorporated first-hand accounts from victims, and the accused, into the narrative.

Citing the example of London’s infamous Jack The Ripper,  Agni shares that the real identity of Jack the Ripper has not been confirmed yet.

Samyuktha Hegde said that Kreem is a project that is very dear to her and stated she gave her two hundred per cent to the film, which features her in a new and completely different role as a sex worker. Talking about the efforts put to deliver her best, Samyuktha shares an on-set incident where an action sequence lead to an injury. “I have never been in a state where I cannot walk and had to stay at home for months at a stretch. I had a responsibility towards this film so I could not even take even the smallest risk. I had to undergo physiotherapy every single day. The film motivated me to recover quickly. It was very unfortunate but it was a big lesson for me. I have given not only given sweat and tears but also blood and ligament,” she laughs.

According to the first-time director, Kreem’s plot examines the ritual killing of women conducted to seemingly attain wealth and power. “Human sacrifice was done by extremely powerful people and is still happening today, which is explored through various characters. The entire story is completely shot in neo-noir style,” says Abhishek, who is expecting to release the film this June.

Starring Arun Sagar, Roshan, Agni Shridhar, Bachan, and Aaron Rodriguez in pivotal roles, Kreem has Shivakumar taking care of the art department. Produced by DK Devendra under the Sumvardini Productions banner, the film has music by Rohit Sower and cinematography by Sunjo Velayudhan.

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