Diganth: Thimayya and Thimayya will always remain close to my heart

The actor along with his wife and co-star Aindrita Ray talk about their experience of working in the family entertainer that sees its release this week
Diganth: Thimayya and Thimayya will always remain close to my heart

It is always nice to see real-life couples extend their chemistry to the big screen too. One such pair is Diganth and Aindrita Ray, who will next be seen in the upcoming film, Thimayya & Thimayya. Directed by Sanjay Sharma, the film also stars Anant Nag and Shubra Aiyappa. Ahead of the film’s release this week, the couple sits down with CE to talk about their experience working in the entertainer, starring alongside the legendary actor, and more.

Looking at the trailer, one can safely assume that the film is a mixture of various emotions. “There is a lot of comedy and strong emotions. There is a good message about relationships, and most importantly there is Anant Sir and Diganth’s combination, which is an added attraction to Thimayya and Thimayya,” says Aindrita.

Talking about the various characters of the film, Diganth points out that even a bike in the film has a back story. “Even the costumes lend a certain quality to the characters,” says Aindrita,  who points out that just like the bike, there’s a cafe that plays an important part. “Sanjay Sharma and his wife, Vineeta, have put their heart and soul into this film and worked in detail on the artwork, and costumes.”

While Anant Nag plays the senior Thimayya, Diganth stars as Vincy Thimayya, and Aindrita plays their neighbour, Jyotsana. Shubra Aiyappa plays Vincy’s fiance, Sowmya. The film is about Vincy wanting to sell his ancestral property, and go abroad with his fiance. This is when Vincy meets his grandfather for the first time, and the journey of the two begins.

Ask Diganth, how he wants to perceive this film in his career, and he says, “Thimayya and Thimayya will remain close to my heart. Ten years from now, when I look back, I will be very happy that I have done this film.”

Talking about his experience of working with director Sanjay, Diganth calls him cool as a cucumber. “Though his Kannada was not as perfect as the locals, he managed to pull it off. Having done a lot of documentaries, he has also done his research on cafes, and that’s when the story of Thimayya and Thimayya brewed in his mind. He is very patient with the actors. He had strong professional ethics, and worked in a corporate style,” adds Aindrita.

This is the sixth collaboration between Diganth and Anant Nag after Mungaru Male, Gaalipata, Pancharangi, Mansare and Gaalipata 2. “His charm is brilliant, and we kind of complement each other. In fact, all my previous films with him have clicked, and I hope it continues with this film too. Anant Nag Sir can deliver a 3-page dialogue with ease, and even improvise on the scenes. I was scared whether I would be able to deliver at the level of his performance.” Aindrita adds that Diganth and Anant Nag shared a great understanding with each other. “I was the nervous one when I had to face Anant Sir. I didn’t want to make a mistake in front of him, especially with my Kannada dialogues. After a few scenes, I was in the flow,” she tells us.

Is Diganth similar to Thimayya Junior in real life? “Vincy Thimayya has done a lot of things, and laid his hands into a lot of businesses, but hasn’t tasted success. He is a biker and carefree, and I have a lot of similarities to this character.”

With cinematography by Balakrishna Thota and music by Anoop Seelin, Thimayya and Thimayya backed by Rajesh Sharma is billed as a slice-of-life film. “It is a fresh subject, and talks about a beautiful relationship between a grandfather and his grandson. The film will highlight the importance of family bonding,” signs off Diganth.

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