Four Tamil titles to be showcased at Indian Film Festival of Melbourne 2023

The festival will be held from August 11 to 20
Four Tamil titles to be showcased at Indian Film Festival of Melbourne 2023

Indian Film Festival of Melbourne 2023 will be held from August 11 to 20. Amongst the array of captivating list of films, joins four Tamil titles. The festival recently announced that two feature films Karparaa, Kida, a documentary titled Villuhalin Idaiye, Palaikuliyin Kathai, and a short film titled Desert Dreaming, will be screened at this year's festival.

Here's a brief about the Tamil titles: 


Directed by Vignesh Kumulai, the film weaves a heartwarming tale of love, loss, and redemption. Karparaa tells the tale of an elderly bedridden couple living apart under the care of different families. Their daily needs are attended to by envious children and grandchildren, who would rather be busy with their smartphones on lazy summer afternoons. Days pass, seasons come and go, and the couple bides its time. The cast includes Sundhrathammal, Aarumugam.

Villuhalin Idaiye, Palaikuliyin Kathai (Amid the Villus)

Directed by Sumathy Sivamohan, the documentary offers a glimpse into the heart of rural Tamil Nadu, by shedding light on the untold stories of the villagers and their indomitable spirit in the face of adversity. It documents the return of a displaced Muslim community to their village in the former war zone in the north of Sri Lanka. In return, they found themselves locked in battle with the state, its bureaucracies, and environmental lobbies. It is about place, work, and survival. It is about memory and about history, a people's history.

Desert Dreaming

Desert Dreaming, directed by Abdul Halik Azeez, takes viewers on a soul-stirring journey through their dreams and aspirations. Tracing labor migration to the Middle East and the micro impacts of large shifts such as the neoliberalization of the Sri Lankan economy in the 70s, the film challenges monolithic narratives of personal history and middle class Muslim upbringing through popular culture and anecdotal, intimate recollections. The cast of the film includes Mohamed Feroze Azeez, Fareena Hamid, Mohideen Azeez, Imran Mohideen, Manikkam aka MGR.

Kida (Goat)

Goat directed by Ra. Venkat is a story that revolves around three characters: a grandfather, his grandson and his pet goat and a butcher, intertwined in a cute love story. They are forced to take hard decisions to fulfill their dreams by the dawn of Diwali. The cast includes Poo Ramu, Paandiyamma, Kaali Venkat, Vijaya, Deepan.


Canvas, a beautifully crafted short film by Sanjai Chandrasekaran. This poignant film is a celebration of passion, creativity, and the human spirit. A Therukoothu "Terukkuttu" artist named Alagappan puts on traditional makeup and talks about Elango, his son, whose dream it was to wear canvas shoes. He manages to buy the canvas shoes but things don't go according to plan. The character artist in the next room reveals a small diary. Who does it belong to, and will Elango ever wear canvas shoes?

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