Sam Raimi to remake cult horror film Magic

Magic is a cult horror film directed by Richard Attenborough
Sam Raimi
Sam Raimi

Magic, the 1978 film starring Anthony Hopkins, will be remade by director Sam Raimi. The original film is a psychological thriller based on the novel written by William Goldman. He previously wrote a novel of the same name. 

The details about the remake were announced by Roy Lee, who will be producing the film. The cult film, also starring Ann Margret, revolves around a ventriloquist whose murderous puppet tries to destroy his love life.

Raimi is known for directing films like The Evil Dead, its sequel, Darkman, and its sequel Army of Darkness. He rose to fame with 2002's Spider Man and its two sequels. While his recent release is Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, he will be next helming The Kingkiller Chronicle and World War 3.

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