Netflix in talks to make The Tinder Swindler documentary into a feature film

The documentary is about a notorious conman who used the dating app to fraud multiple women
Shots from The Tinder Swindler documentary
Shots from The Tinder Swindler documentary

Netflix's recently released documentary The Tinder Swindler is likely to be made into a movie.

The documentary is about an Israeli fraudster named Shimon Hayut, who conned Scandinavian women into parting with hundreds of thousands of dollars by pretending on the dating app Tinder to be Simon Leviev, the son of Israeli diamond tycoon Lev Leviev.

Directed by Felicity Morris, the documentary interviews the women who were conned by Hayut. It shows how they uncover his true identity with the help of journalists from the Norwegian newspaper VG and bring him to justice.

Hayut, who was imprisoned in Israel in December 2019 on a 15-month jail sentence, conned his victims by romancing them with expensive dates and forming long-distance relationships with them. He then asked them to take out lines of credit for him under their names in order to pay for what he claimed to be were extensive security needs.

As per reports, Netflix has initiated talks with the producers to adapt The Tinder Swindler into a feature film. Raw TV produced the documentary alongside AGC Studios and Gaspin Media.

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