Emma Watson's body double reveals her magical journey on the sets of Harry Potter films

Emma Watson's body double Flick Miles, launched a podcast to share her experiences on the sets of Harry Potter films
Flick Miles with Harry Potter cast
Flick Miles with Harry Potter cast

Flick Miles finds herself back in the spotlight on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter film. She played Emma Watson's body double and launched a podcast -- Behind The Wand: Stories From The Harry Potter Films -- to celebrate and share her memories of working on the franchise. 
Miles revealed that she would "absolutely love to do it all over again." She also said that she would hang out with the cast, including Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint, "pretty much all day every day."

Miles then said, "We would all eat and chill together, especially on location we would spend a lot of time together." In the podcast, she confessed that she spoke to Radcliffe last when he had invited her to the theatre show Equus in 2007. She then explained that she understood that they are all very busy people now. 

In the podcast, she detailed her auditioning process and explained, "My mum just gave her a snap of me in the garden, and that was it really. It was the first thing I ever auditioned for, and I was off to the studios. At first, they said it was going to be about 12 weeks' work, and then when I was there I met Christopher Columbus and David Heyman."

She added, "They tested me and Emma against each other and lined us up, looking through the camera lens to ultimately see if we have a similarly shaped face along with, of course, the height and build."

She also spoke about duplicating the iconic frizzy hair of Hermoine Granger, and said "I look back and it was so big and frizzy! I remember the first time they ever did my hair it took about three hours to do, after that it was only about 45-minutes but I think they were still experimenting with how they wanted Hermione's hair to look. They would clip in pieces of hair extensions to make it look even bigger and naturally I had the right hair colour."

She then spoke of the reunion, "I think the reunion show really has made Potter fans fall in love with Harry Potter all over again. It has just reminded people why they love it so much, so the podcast then projects that."

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