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Sudhir Srinivasan

Bachelor Movie Review: A takedown of toxic masculinity that isn’t

Perhaps the only really interesting portion in Bachelor starring GV Prakash Kumar is when matters of a court come into focus, and a ‘domestic abuse’ case gets debated

18 hours ago

Venkat Prabhu: I wish our stars would encourage fresh ideas

The filmmaker, who has hit gold with Maanaadu, speaks of foreign film inspirations and unrealised dreams

28 Nov 2021

Maanaadu Movie Review: A riveting take on time loop underlined by clever writing 

This film, that mounts opposition to the vilification of Muslims, is a smart entertainer, devoid of 'commercial compromises'

25 Nov 2021

Sabhaapathy Movie Review: Santhanam’s latest hero exercise is another misfire

A wholly forgettable, largely exhausting film, with perhaps the only takeaway being Santhanam’s courageous choice to play a character that doesn’t capitalise on his dialogue strengths

19 Nov 2021

Red Notice Movie Review: Great cast, but that's it really

The film slips into a state of languor, in the possible optimism that it can simply coast on average dialogues and convenient twists. Alas

12 Nov 2021

Siva: I seek happiness over appreciation

The filmmaker, for whom directing actor Rajinikanth in Annaatthe is a dream realised, talks about the experience and the film 

09 Nov 2021

Annaatthe Movie Review: An emotional Rajinikanth in a throwback film that doesn’t reach its potential

Simply put, it’s a film that is designed to cater to everyone, a story where Rajini’s character typically begins with comedy, and then, goes on to get emotional and violent

05 Nov 2021

Jai Bhim Movie Review: A star argues for justice in this well-intentioned courtroom drama

This Suriya-starrer that is about unspeakable police brutality, is at once about the hope that justice can be sought, if workers of good conscience come together

01 Nov 2021

Dune Movie Review: This beautiful epic sacrifices story for deeper pleasures

Denis Villeneuve's adaptation of Frank Herbert's sci-fi novel is a meditative epic with unforgettable imagery

22 Oct 2021

Aranmanai 3 Movie Review: The horror-comedy genre is dead

We have seen in multiple carbon copy films in this genre. Even still, it’s astonishing how little Aranmanai 3 seems to care about being novel.

15 Oct 2021

Udanpirappe Movie Review: The characters cry a lot, we don’t

Jyothika is near flawless in Udanpirappe too, yes, but at least, she’s not dispensing long monologues, and she’s definitely not invincible.

14 Oct 2021

Doctor Movie Review: This inventive black comedy features an all-new Sivakarthikeyan

I don’t remember the last time I laughed as loudly in a theatre as I did watching Doctor

09 Oct 2021

Rudra Thaandavam Movie Review: Better craft, better cast, and yet, similar problems

Ultimately, both Draupadi and Rudra Thaandavam, despite containing an interesting premise, feel simply like crafty arguments, mounted on exceptions, to defend the privileged and the powerful

01 Oct 2021

Raame Aandalum Raavane Aandalum Movie Review: A patchy satire marred by simplistic writing

RaRa is unfortunately found wanting in every area. It’s a film with relentless dialogue, and there’s often the tendency to say, not show

24 Sep 2021

Annabelle Sethupathi Movie Review: The premise is interesting, but the pain is real

If your idea of humour is having humans likened to unusual combinations of objects, perhaps you might have more fun than I did

18 Sep 2021

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