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Sudhir Srinivasan

The inevitable triumph of the Superstar brand

Despite the doubts following the shortcomings of Darbar and Annaatthe,Jailer has rung cash registers across the country.Here's a closer look at why it was a suitable addition to the Rajini-celebration

13 Aug 2023

Jailer Review: A glorious first half tapers off into oblivion

Nelson's signature style draws the most out of Rajinikanth's starpower in a glorious first half but then meanders through an aimless, unfocused second half

10 Aug 2023

The making of a killer documentary

Filmmaker Selvamani Selvaraj speaks of his four-episode Netflix documentary, The Hunt for Veerappan, and the unforgettable learnings he encountered while making it

07 Aug 2023

Maaveeran Movie Review: Unique premise and useful politics make this a winning entertainer

It's a time in our cinema when talented filmmakers like Madonne Ashwin are showing that they are unafraid of punching up

14 Jul 2023

‘Maamannan is a fitting last film for me’

Actor (and Minister) Udhayanidhi Stalin speaks of his latest film, Maamannan, while tracking his own evolution as an individual and an actor

09 Jul 2023

Mari Selvaraj Interview: Vadivelu suffers once again, but this time, we don’t laugh

Director Mari Selvaraj, whose Maamannan is all set for release, speaks about political motivations, animal metaphors, rural films and world music, and of course, reimagining Vadivelu…

28 Jun 2023

‘I wish to expand my reach as an actor’

SJ Suryah, who has produced and acted in the upcoming Radha Mohan film, Bommai, speaks of his acting process, his goals, and how his understanding of stardom has undergone a radical change

14 Jun 2023

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