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Prashanth Vallavan

Of tunes and being tuned with Kaber Vasuki

As one of the pioneers of Tamil indie music, Kaber spills his thoughts on the current status of the industry

18 Nov 2023

The Marvels Movie Review: Yet another harmless clone from the MCU assembly line

The Marvels is a soulless yet harmless compendium of colourful visuals, superhero fights, and a couple of chuckles, that is best enjoyed in the peripheries of your focus

12 Nov 2023

Vishnu Edavan: As a fan I was disappointed by the 'Naa Ready' censorship but rules exist for a reason

Vishnu Edavan, the lyricist behind the 'Naa Ready' song from Vijay's Leo, talks about his lyrics being censored and how rules exist for a reason

23 Oct 2023

A History of Graphic Novels: Films you didn't know were based on graphic novels

Now that we know Leo is based on A History of Violence, and that the film itself is based on a graphic novel, let's take a look at other films you might not have guessed are based on graphic novels

22 Oct 2023

Rathna Kumar: If a creator becomes too woke they cannot create art

Rathna Kumar, the co-writer of Leo, talks about the foundation of Vijay’s character in the film, boundaries of artistic expression, and facing a tsunami of expectations

18 Oct 2023

Vidaarth: I initially wanted to do Vikram Prabhu's role in Irugapatru

Vidaarth, who plays husband in the upcoming relationship-drama Irugapatru, talks about how he got the role, why he initially wanted to play Vikram Prabhu's character in the film, and more

01 Oct 2023

The Creator Movie Review: Treads a predictable yet affecting story with genre-redefining visuals 

With a unique visual aesthetic, Gareth Edwards builds a familiar yet heartwarming story on top of a rich world with immense scale

30 Sep 2023

Saw X Movie Review: A delightfully indulgent gore-fest 

With plenty of blood and violence, and a simple story that holds our attention well enough between the thrilling kills, Saw X makes the most of its genre

29 Sep 2023

Adhik Ravichandran: Mark Antony is my ode to retro mass masala films

Director Adhik Ravichandran talks about bringing back 80s mass masala films, cooking up a new genre, and ponders upon the impermanence of success  

17 Sep 2023

Audience who attended AR Rahman's concert recount their trauma

AR Rahman's Marakkuma Nenjam concert has left behind a trail of traumatic events of wildly different shades, ranging from physical wounds to emotional scars, to full-blown panic attacks

12 Sep 2023

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