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Mrinal Rajaram

The Violence Action Movie Review: A compelling principal character in this flawed and overdone action flick

The sweet simplicity exuding from the lead character’s person makes this entertaining and over-the-top action film a compelling watch

19 Nov 2022

Don’t Leave Movie Review: An engaging breakup tale full of complex motivations

This complex romantic story set in the modern world of relationships asks tough questions about the human mind and its motivations

13 Nov 2022

Wild Is the Wind Movie Review: A film about racial prejudice, corruption that asks difficult questions

From racial prejudice to highly repressed human emotions, this violent and complicated South African film deals with its fair share of uncomfortable theme

29 Oct 2022

Descendant Film Review: An intense documentary about reclaiming one’s identity and seeking the truth

A hard-hitting story about regaining one’s identity and roots while in a quest for some form of accountability and justice along the way

22 Oct 2022

Black Butterflies Series Review: Excellent characterisation and build-up in this dark and flawed show

While some twists work in the narrative’s favour, spinning the standard serial killer genre on its head, others fail to impress

16 Oct 2022

Luckiest Girl Alive Movie Review: A poor lead performance sinks an important story with pressing themes

An important story is let down by a below-par lead performance from Mila Kunis

08 Oct 2022

Entergalactic Movie Review: A treat for the senses 

A colourful, trippy and musical exploration of modern romance

02 Oct 2022

I Used to Be Famous Movie Review: Brilliant music in an earnest film dealing with fame and second chances

In its attempt to tell a universal story of fame, redemption and second chances, it does okay. But it’s the music that remains an absolute stand-out!  

30 Sep 2022

End of the Road Movie Review: This poorly conceived film overshadows Latifah's performance

Execution and writing ensure that this film gets slotted into the category of trashy highway crime fare

11 Sep 2022

The Festival of Troubadours Series Review: A complex, dysfunctional tale of father and son

An intense, character-driven narrative made whole by its endless pauses and musical footnotes

07 Sep 2022

Loving Adults Movie Review: Unpredictable and intense

A refreshing take on its infidelity-thriller genre

27 Aug 2022

The Assistant Movie Review: Bizarre and oddly engaging

For Teh to pull off a fairly intelligent narrative in an all-out action flick such as this is a commendable feat in itself. Gloss over its obvious flaws and you have yourself a film worth watching!

22 Aug 2022

Heartsong Movie Review: An innocent, endearing and atypical rom-com 

A typically romantic tale envisioned in an atypical manner. Its strength lies in its sheer innocence

14 Aug 2022

Carter Movie Review: An action extravaganza with a mediocre storyline 

The key is to take the story with a pinch of salt and marvel at the barrage of action scenes unfolding onscreen 

08 Aug 2022

The Entitled Movie Review: Classist, offensive and bereft of nuance

This borderline offensive, slapstick attempt at portraying class differences has potential but isn't focussed on nearly as enough as the terrible jokes 

31 Jul 2022

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As superstar's Baba is gearing up for a re release, what other Rajini film would you like to see on the big screen again?