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Mrinal Rajaram

F*ck Love Too Movie Review: A big zero in all departments!

The primary language of the film is Dutch, but it ought to have been stupidity. No subtitles needed for that to translate. 

21 May 2022

The Getaway King Film Review: Entertaining and stylish, yet not lacking in depth

The Getaway King fuses a technically brilliant style with exceptional acting and writing to present the larger-than-life story of popular thief, Zdzisław Najmrodzki

13 May 2022

Along for the Ride Movie Review: This ride had the potential to be so much better

A 50-50 sort of young adult adaptation; good in parts, mediocre in others

07 May 2022

Anatomy of a Scandal Review: A fine adaptation

A must-watch that addresses consent, patriarchy, privilege, and male entitlement in the influential world of British politics

02 May 2022

Honeymoon With My Mother Movie Review: A subpar film that is neither comedy nor drama

The central problem is that it isn’t totally sure about what it’s trying to say. Predictable and flat on the comedic side, the drama isn’t suited to its simplistically sketched characters

01 May 2022

He’s Expecting Series Review: A brilliant, progressive series set in the feminist tradition

He’s Expecting is a progressive and powerful series that tackles the subject of traditional gender roles in a patriarchal world

23 Apr 2022

Dancing on Glass Movie Review: Extreme, thought-provoking, and frightening

A fine, intense film that poses pertinent questions on the militant methods employed by the perfectionist world of ballet

09 Apr 2022

The Bubble Movie Review: A general lack of humour in this meta-comedy set in Covid times

A general lack of humour in this meta-comedy set in Covid times

02 Apr 2022

Love Like the Falling Petals Review: Heartfelt, poignant and somewhat predictable 

A romantic story lending itself to cliché is saved by the exploration of its sensitive theme

30 Mar 2022

Black Crab Movie Review: Intensely brilliant Noomi Rapace in a predictable film

Black Crab impresses with its characters and cinematography, while its predictable storyline leaves room for improvement

19 Mar 2022

Rabid Series Review: A bizarre and unsettling pandemic-inspired take

Rabid’s inaugural season distils the fear of a Covid and post-Covid world, where the new normal brings with it horrific consequences.

13 Mar 2022

Restless Movie Review: Predictable crime drama that fails to utilise its potential

An interestingly engaging first half and a melodramatically disastrous second, make this French remake of a South Korean crime film, a wasted potential

26 Feb 2022

One Of Us Is Lying Series Review: Another good young adult adaptation added to the stable

A show that refrains from melodramatic writing, despite the young adult milieu it’s set in, makes One Of Us Is Lying compelling to watch

20 Feb 2022

Inventing Anna Review: The con woman antihero in the age of social media

A riveting account of the Anna Delvey story, infused with mystique by Julia Garner’s titular role

14 Feb 2022

Through My Window Review: A complicated teen romantic drama presented in varying shades

Through My Window is an intense teenage drama that grapples with the complex brush of first love

05 Feb 2022

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