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Analysing Animal: Excessive gore blinding us to domestic violence

Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s 'Animal' is a film fixated on the idea of the alpha male; it seems to suggest that marriages work best when a man exercises control.

10 Feb 2024

Kripakaran P: Editors are judgmental people

...says Fight Club editor Kripakaran P, who talks about what goes behind the mind of an editor, especially in today's age when the skill is democratised

07 Jan 2024

CE Year in Review: The Old Guard stands tall even as the New Guard take centrestage

Looking back, it is safe to assume that Tamil cinema came out swinging and ended the year with its head held high

30 Dec 2023

Breaking the First Rule of Fight Club with director Abbas A Rahmath

Director Abbas A Rahmath opens up about his debut film, Fight Club, the responses to it, the survival instinct, and more...

18 Dec 2023

 SR Prabhu: LCU was a happy accident

Japan producer SR Prabhu talks about their long-standing collaboration with Karthi, sailing through the world of social media, and how a movie will always find its audience

25 Oct 2023

The Burial Movie Review: A compelling courtroom drama powered by top performances

Subversions are the highlights of this compelling courtroom drama that explores important themes, and hits almost all the right notes

22 Oct 2023

Shraddha Srinath: I can't do run-of-the-mill roles

The actor talks about not having any starry airs, her need for the audience to look at her in a new light with every film, and the differing dynamics of modern-day relationships

15 Oct 2023

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