Director T Prabhakaran: I was determined to stick to clean comedy in Sarbath 

Director T Prabhakaran talks about his debut Sarbath
Sarbath: A recipe for clean humour
Sarbath: A recipe for clean humour

A molehill can turn into a mountain at a wedding. Director T Prabhakaran's recent direct-to-TV release Sarbath began with this core idea, which occurred to him after it almost happened to his friend. "In his case, potential disaster due to a prank call was averted by sensible elders in his family ignoring it. In the film, of course, I changed it so the wedding is actually called off." 

Prabhakaran, an erstwhile assistant of Balaji Sakthivel, says he named the film Sarbath as the drink is hugely popular in small towns. He shares that he was determined the keep the humour clean. "I wanted to make a clean comedy film that entertains the mass audience of all age groups. I consciously stayed away from using any double entendres and the like."

The director is happy to have made a film where every character has ample screen time and a purpose. "The music of Ajeesh elevated the mood of the film. Both the songs and background score added a novel rural touch to Sarbath. I am glad that everyone in the team contributed beautifully to the larger vision."

Though Prabhakaran is a bit disappointed that his debut did not make it to the theatres, he understands why the producers had to opt for a direct premiere on Colors TV. Hoping for better luck with his next, Prabhakaran reveals that he has got a handful of offers for his second film, which he hopes will be a thriller. 

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