'Naan Avalai Sandhitha Pothu is a fictionalised version of a true story'

...says director LG Ravichander who was inspired to narrate a personal experience by the words of directors Agathiyan and Vikraman
'Naan Avalai Sandhitha Pothu is a fictionalised version of a true story'

Maasani-fame LG Ravichander has chosen to narrate his personal experience through Naan Avalai Sanditha Pothu, which is lined up for release this Friday. The director says he was inspired to do so by the words of support offered by filmmakers Agathiyan and Vikraman.

Ravi recounts how he was approached by a teenage girl, in 1996, to help him locate an address in Teynampet. "She had misplaced the paper with the address and had no money to get back to her hometown in Mayavaram. Since we didn't have the address, I had to accompany her home as she was afraid to travel alone on a night bus. Once we reached her village, everyone mistook me for the girl's lover and tried to force me to marry her. I escaped later, but by then we found the girl was pregnant. My film's script is based on this experience of mine."

When we mention that sounds like the one-liner of a Bhagyaraj film, Ravi tells us the ace director caught his film's preview show and warmly congratulated the trueness which he has captured. "He patted me on the back for having the guts to reveal what actually happened without taking any sides."

On why he's chosen to tell this story now, the three-film-old director says he had no inkling before of the impact of the material till he casually revealed it to some good friends in the industry. "It took a lot of deliberation before I finally decided to make this film," he says.
The film stars Chandini and Ravi says it provides her with an ideal platform to dig deep into the character and reveal the emotional trauma of a woman caught in a no man's land. "Santosh Pratap, who plays the other lead, has lent her good support," he adds. Among the other highlights, Ravi tells us, are Malayalam actor Innocent in a message-oriented character and the musical score of debutant composer Jithesh Murugavel.

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