Post a productive Telugu stint, Aditya Menon returns to Tamil

Aditya Menon
Aditya Menon

Aditya Menon does not like to use the word 'comeback' to describe his return to Tamil cinema after five years of working in the Telugu industry. "My close friend Saran offered me a role in Market Raja MBBS and I decided to try my hand at comedy with it," he says. As a sidekick to the lead, he had limited footage in the film that was released last week. But this did not worry him. "Any role is fine as long as I get the space to do justice to it. I enjoyed every moment of the shoot of Market Raja, and I'm glad my performance has been appreciated." 

Aditya, who started out in the theatre, is no stranger to comedy, but he found acting in a comedy film a different thing altogether. "I also had to get the accent right and needed to do a bit of homework on the local flavour." However, having Saran, who gave him a break in Jay Jay, at the helm made things very comfortable for Aditya. "Saran was always open to ideas and improvisation. It was also a great experience sharing screen space with a legend like Radhika," he adds.

Presently, Aditya is part of Mysskin's Thupparivalan 2, which recently started rolling in London. "My character in the film is well-etched with some grey shades," he says, adding that it gives him a lot to work with.

Grateful for his fruitful Telugu stint, which included roles in films like Dookudu, Mirchi and Simha, Aditya says, "I was floored by the warmth of the industry which was quick to embrace an emerging talent. I am good at picking up languages and this helped too. A new actor isn't branded summarily in Telugu, which is a good sign for the new talents. I could play the bad guy in one movie and slip into a supporting role in the next." 

As for the future, Aditya says he would like to get into the web series game. "It could provide more work for artistes and that's nothing to scoff at."

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