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Sudhir Srinivasan

Don Movie Review: Lack of finesse notwithstanding, this Sivakarthikeyan film is an effective entertainer

"Don is a celebration of the college spirit, and for the young, it’s timely, while for the old, it’s a whiff of good ol’ nostalgia," writes Sudhir Srinivasan about Sivakarthikeyan's latest 

14 May 2022

Saani Kaayidham Movie Review: Keerthy Suresh is the goddess of violence in this love letter to revenge

Saani Kaayidham is a cathartic, blood-soaked revenge saga with Arun Matheswaran's penchant for enticing visuals on display throughout

06 May 2022

Oh My Dog Movie Review: A sweet film that lacks finesse

This dog film means well and is a much-needed break from all the star vehicles, and yet...

21 Apr 2022

Beast Movie Review: This Nelson-Vijay film never really takes off

The problem with Beast is how Nelson doesn’t seem to have made up his mind on whether the film should feel real and serious, or parodic and absurd

14 Apr 2022

‘What you make of Kuthiraivaal is what it is’

Kuthiraivaal has convinced many and confounded many more. Here are the directors, Shyam Sundar and Manoj Jason, and the film’s writer, Rajesh, in conversation about this fascinating film

30 Mar 2022

RRR Movie Review: Ram Charan is all fire in this period film that runs out of steam

While emotionally-driven set pieces invigorate SS Rajamouli's spectacular period epic, the shortcomings in writing play the spoilsport

25 Mar 2022

Maaran Movie Review: An indifferent Dhanush goes through the motions in this inept film

Even at a duration of a little more than two hours, this film seems interminable, trudging from one uninspired development to another

12 Mar 2022

Etharkkum Thunindhavan Movie Review: Another male saviour film trips over its own feet

This Suriya-starrer trades the opportunity to explore sensitive themes for claps and whistles

11 Mar 2022

Hey Sinamika Movie Review: Invested performances lift this interesting, but flawed romance

Such films, with their focus on interpersonal relationships, come as a welcome departure from all the star-worshipping

04 Mar 2022

Valimai Movie Review: Flying motorcycles fail to liven up this soulless thriller

Valimai is another case of what-might-have-been, but as it exists, I’ll remember it as a hodge-podge of a few impressive bike stunts

24 Feb 2022

Into Uncharted territory with Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg opens up about playing mentor to Tom Holland’s character in Uncharted; filming around the world, and what he feels about video games

18 Feb 2022

Kadaisi Vivasayi Movie Review: A paean to simple living and self-sufficiency

Kadaisi Vivasayi is a reminder that it’s not enough for filmmakers to just be passionate; they must also be compassionate

15 Feb 2022

Mahaan Movie Review: An in-form Vikram stars in a middling film that is dense with meaning

Mahaan may not be among Karthik Subbaraj's better work, but it’s still worth being kind to, if only for some fascinating writing choices

10 Feb 2022

Veeramae Vaagai Soodum Review: A few interesting ideas get buried under hero worship and template loyalty

This Vishal-starrer is a template exercise for the most part

04 Feb 2022

Anbarivu Movie Review: An exhausting film punctuated by bad writing and craft

The twins switch places, but there’s no one to do it with us

08 Jan 2022

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