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Mrinal Rajaram

All-Time High Movie Review: Great chemistry between the leads in this unlikely French romantic comedy drama

With its attempt to keep things slightly away from the norm, All-Time High succeeds in being above average. And for that reason alone, this romantic comedy drama film is worth the watch

18 Nov 2023

Pain Hustlers Movie Review: Some fine acting in this crime drama abundant with genre cliches

If you happen to watch this film, watch it only for Blunt and her commitment to character. Because the rest is too commonplace to glean novelty from

28 Oct 2023

The Conference Movie Review: It had the potential to be a classic whodunnit but ends up being a campy slasher flick

The unexpected murders fit seamlessly into the weird environment, but the clues are too overt to be brushed aside. It is the half-reveal that sinks the film much earlier than expected

15 Oct 2023

Ballerina Movie Review: A riveting central performance in this thriller with many gaps

If you’re willing to look past the many inadvertent questions the narrative throws up, Ballerina makes for an interesting ride

07 Oct 2023

Gold Brick Movie Review: Entertaining and watchable

Subtle humour, entertaining writing and a decent all-round acting display make this French heist film quite worth the watch

07 Jul 2023

Through My Window: Across the Sea Movie Review: This sequel of young love goes one better than its predecessor

Due to its laundry list of new characters and their fractured brushes with love and sex, Through My Window: Across the Sea, goes as far as to outdo the original

01 Jul 2023

Bloodhounds Series Review: A multifaceted crime show that covers much ground

Bloodhounds has a lot to offer through its tale of vengeance and loyalty. It may have its demerits but there is no denying that the writing, direction and acting give the script wings

12 Jun 2023

Blood and Gold Movie Review: An atypical war film that builds palpable tension with brilliant writing and music

Blood & Gold does a fabulous job of mounting tension and dread. This palpable unease you feel as one scene moves to the next is furthered by an exceptional score and soundtrack.

27 May 2023

The Mother Movie Review: Lopez’s performance isn’t enough to overshadow this cliché-ridden action thriller

Unoriginal and prone to wild exaggeration, The Mother fails on the count of its writing and execution

15 May 2023

AKA Movie Review: An intense lead performance in this story of national security, government manipulation at highest level

With excessive violence and manipulation, AKA manages to capture the imagination through its conflicted central character. It is, among other things, well worth the watch

29 Apr 2023

Chokehold Movie Review: An effective character-driven and anxiety-inducing thriller

The film moves slowly, taking its time to build intrigue and tension. It is in the characters we must rely on to see the narrative to its rightful conclusion.

22 Apr 2023

Phenomena Movie Review: Good humour and camaraderie in this unpredictable horror comedy  

High on humour and camaraderie and low on horror, there’s an oddly watchable quality that the film brings  

15 Apr 2023

Kings of Mulberry Street: Let Love Reign Movie Review: Quirky characters, relationships only go so far in this average sequel

The primary and supporting cast sure did deserve a better script to work with. Their acting talent is wasted on a narrative that flatters to deceive

08 Apr 2023

Copycat Killer Series Review: A layered series about violence and the long arm of the law

A multifaceted murder show that surprises and questions in equal measure

03 Apr 2023

Noise Movie Review: Initial promise falls by the wayside in this thriller that gets lost in its own complication

Fine acting and initial intrigue are let down by poor execution and vague storytelling  

18 Mar 2023

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