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Bhuvanesh Chandar


A journalist, a cinephile, an ornithophile, a painter, a poet, a dreamer, a photographer, and more. Above all, an artist who loves to tell stories.

Kagittan Hayatlar (Paper Lives) Movie Review: An unrestrained drama that leaves you teary-eyed

As heartbreaking as the climax is, Ulusoy forces the viewer to look at the story in a new light, one could even prod you to watch this film again, especially

21 Mar 2021

Mosagallu Movie Review: An impressive idea that fails to be more

Though the film has an impressive central plotline, it keeps softening its blows and leaves us with an unfulfilling last impression

19 Mar 2021

Badri Venkatesh: Rio is a complete entertainer like Shah Rukh Khan and Sivakarthikeyan

The team of Plan Panni Pannanum tells us what we can expect from the film and the challenges concerning its making

17 Mar 2021

Theethum Nandrum Movie Review: A simple, neatly bound tale about depravity

This crime-thriller stands tall with its simple, straightforward storytelling and some brilliant performances

12 Mar 2021

Vels Signature: Vels Film International launches digital platform to encourage young, talented filmmakers

As the first short film under the banner, the team is ready to release the psychological thriller Zoned Out

09 Mar 2021

Yashika Aannand turns cop for new action-thriller titled Sulphur

Directed by newcomer Bhuvan, the film also stars Siddharth Vipin as the antagonist

08 Mar 2021

Mirugaa Movie Review: An interesting idea that fails to become anything more

Predictable screenplay, poor execution, budgetary limitations and unfeasible VFX technology hinder this serial killer film

07 Mar 2021

Nigerians love Bollywood: Namaste Wahala director Hamisha Daryani Ahuja

Hamisha, the director of the Indo-Nigerian film, Namaste Wahala, which is currently streaming on Netflix, talks about the film, her career, and more

06 Aug 2021

Live Telecast Series Review: A horror series without any redeeming elements

Venkat Prabhu’s horror series has an interesting idea, but that’s all you can say about it

14 Feb 2021

Naanum Single Thaan Movie Review: Vile and infuriating

Consent, individuality, the single parenthood discourse, logic, romance, humour, writing – everything goes for a toss in this extremely unpleasant film

12 Feb 2021

'Naanum Single Thaan will show how most women have misunderstood feminism'

...says director Gopi R about his debut film, Naanum Single Thaan, starring Dinesh and Deepti Sati, which is all set to hit the screens this Friday

09 Feb 2021

All My Friends Are Dead Movie Review: A fun, if bumpy, ride

This Netflix Polish movie has its share of flaws and mind-blowing moments, and makes for a decent teen thriller

08 Feb 2021

Aari: If I was Balaji, I’d have reacted that way too

The Bigg Boss season 4 winner talks about his journey in the reality show, charting his future career, and more

08 Feb 2021

Atharvaa signs action thriller with director Sam Anton

The film also stars Munishkanth in another lead role

05 Feb 2021

Centre allows 100 percent theatre occupancy in cinemas

Theatres can function with full capacity from February 1; Ministry of Information And Broadcasting issues new detailed SOPs for cinema halls

31 Jan 2021

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