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Mrinal Rajaram

The Boy from Medellin Review: An engaging documentary about a reggaeton star

The bilingual documentary weaves the personal with the political, providing a glimpse of the man behind the artist  

07 May 2021

Voyagers Movie Review: An ingenious idea that fails to take off due to average execution

An interesting premise is let down by average storytelling, acting, and direction

17 Apr 2021

Legacy of Lies Movie Review: A disaster, in every respect 

A spy thriller with virtually no redeemable qualities

03 Apr 2021

The Courier Movie Review: A well-made historical drama 

A fine build-up of tension and some great acting from the leads lend credence to this film set in a very significant period of the Cold War

20 Mar 2021

The Marksman Movie Review: A largely stereotypical story with some good acting 

An in-form Liam Neeson and an intriguing anti-violence message aren’t quite enough to save this movie from its own cliches

28 Feb 2021

Breaking News in Yuba County Movie Review: Allison Janney shines in this mediocre film

A promising premise and a convincing Allison Janney, notwithstanding, the film’s execution, humour, and supporting cast leave much to be desired

22 Feb 2021

Our Friend Movie Review: A bittersweet tale of love and friendship and everything in between

The film makes a strong case for friendship as the ultimate bond, presenting it as perhaps the closest form there is to unconditional love

13 Feb 2021

Monster Hunter Movie Review: A full dose of worthy entertainment

An entertaining film that provides enough by way of its story and acting to engage even the non-connoisseur

25 Feb 2021

The Little Things Movie Review: Somewhat predictable, somewhat intriguing

Partly predictable and partly intriguing, The Little Things hinges on the acting abilities of Washington and Leto

30 Jan 2021

Misbehaviour Movie Review: A brilliant film that makes you introspect about the sordid nature of patriarchy

Through the fictionalised re-telling of a famous beauty pageant and its subsequent disruption, Philippa Lowthorpe gives us much to introspect and question in the patriarchal world we inhabit

23 Jan 2021

Sylvie's Love Movie Review: Love in the waning jazz era

 An endearing love story that works thanks to its sheer simplicity

25 Dec 2020

The Secrets We Keep Movie Review: A brilliant Noomi Rapace heads an average, often predictable narrative

A fifty-fifty film with great acting and a below-par storyline

20 Dec 2020

Sound of Metal Movie Review: A thought-provoking film that asks some tough questions

The treatment of its theme of acceptance and coming to terms with one’s circumstances is central to the film’s brilliance

04 Dec 2020

Peninsula Movie Review: An average follow-up that fails to live up to its predecessor

Despite being a standalone sequel, Yeon Sang-ho’s Peninsula fails to re-create the effect Train to Busan had

27 Nov 2020

Onward Movie Review: A slightly-above-average film which had the potential to be so much more

A paucity of humour dents the overall story of filial love in Onward 

08 Mar 2020

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