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Mrinal Rajaram

Kate Movie Review: Mary Elizabeth Winstead steals the show as a complex, questioning assassin

An incredible lead performance from Mary Elizabeth Winstead as the troubled, tortured and stylish titular character, makes Kate an outstanding and complex effort in the genre

14 Sep 2021

Dive Club Series Review: Forgettable, to say the least!

A teenage mystery drama of woeful proportions that pulls out every wayside cliché in the book. Hard pass!

06 Sep 2021

SAS: Rise of the Black Swan Movie Review: For the message it conveys, it should have been better executed

Better utilisation of Tom Wilkinson, and this cliché-ridden film may well have had a lot more to offer  

30 Aug 2021

Man in Love Movie Review: A problematic premise overshadows a beautiful love story

Man in Love has the potential to be a deeply romantic film and there are glimpses of it, but it never comes together

20 Aug 2021

Brand New Cherry Flavor Series Review: A must watch for those interested in exploring the limits of the mind

An explosive and visceral journey of absurdity and surrealism that is bound to make a searing impression one way or another 

16 Aug 2021

Hit & Run Series Review: Captivating, Intense, Brilliant

An intense, powerful show on international espionage shrouded in intrigue and mystery

09 Aug 2021

The Last Letter from Your Lover Movie Review: A romantic celebration that doffs hat to the greats, falls short of a masterpiece

A beautiful film worth investing in due to its exploration of the romantic ideal

24 Jul 2021

Deep Movie Review:  A disappointing film, especially after its strong start  

A badly conceived film that fails to engage after the first twenty-odd minutes

17 Jul 2021

The Water Man Movie Review: An intriguing film that pits the average with the good

An underwhelming primary plot, some fine acting, and a good side-story of family troubles 

09 Jul 2021

Skylines Movie Review: An average addition to the trilogy, but not entirely unwatchable

Had the makers put a bit more thought into it, this end to the trilogy could have been so much better

05 Jul 2021

Sex/Life Season 1 Review: Poorly conceived on every front

An unnecessary amount of graphic sexual content that leads nowhere is a clear indication that the show has nothing to offer

26 Jun 2021

A Family Movie Review: Fujii and Ayano come together to create an intensely brilliant film

A superlative performance from Ayano, great direction by Fujii, and an unforgettable musical score, make this intense mafia film about violence, loyalty, honour and love a must-watch

21 Jun 2021

Wish Dragon Movie Review: A funny animated film despite the mediocre aspects 

The moments of hilarity in this 98-minute animated effort promise to overshadow the mediocre aspects of the storyline

12 Jun 2021

Panic Series Review: A solid effort in the genre of young adult mystery-drama

An engaging young adult mystery/drama that packs in quite a bit into its ten-episode first season

29 May 2021

I Am All Girls Movie Review: A character-driven thriller that tackles a difficult subject matter

The intense performances and an interesting theme save the film’s up-and-down storyline from mediocrity  

14 May 2021

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