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Mrinal Rajaram

The Royal Treatment Movie Review: Mena Massoud, Laura Marano-starrer belongs in the bottom of the pile

Poor directing, writing and acting, and not to mention, the non-existent chemistry between the leads, relegates The Royal Treatment  to the bottom of the pile!

21 Jan 2022

The House Movie Review: A Kafkaesque Nightmare!

This Kafkaesque narrative of a house through the ages captures the strange, the intriguing, and the inexplicable through its occupants and their intense attachment to the structure

18 Jan 2022

Binti Movie Review: An intensely real feminist film that poses tough questions

A powerful film about four women that shines an uncomfortable light on the deeply sexist society we live in

31 Jan 2022

Seal Team Movie Review: A fair and watchable animated effort

Despite some pitfalls in the humour department, Seal Team, with its story and rag-tag bunch of characters, proves to be an engaging animated feature

02 Jan 2022

Vicky And Her Mystery Movie Review: Lack of adequate conflict troubles this endearing film

More conflict in this sweet film of an animal and child bonding is needed for it to be viable

25 Dec 2021

Two Movie Review: Decent acting in a poorly written and conceived film

If more attention was paid to the writing, Two would have made an impression as the acting isn’t half-bad

11 Dec 2021

Mixtape Movie Review: Simple, sweet and endearing, if not altogether original

Though the premise is unoriginal, this disarmingly endearing narrative of teenage discovery may have you smiling by the end of it

04 Dec 2021

Light The Night Series Review: An engrossing series capturing the lives of women

This engrossing Taiwanese series set in the 80s sheds light on the trials and tribulations of its predominantly women characters working at a nightclub in Taipei’s Red Light District 

28 Nov 2021

The Time It Takes Series Review: A bittersweet romantic drama that deserves a second season

This bittersweet show, that shines a light on romantic love and loss and everything in between, has some fine acting and writing

30 Oct 2021

Little Big Mouth Movie Review: A hopeless romantic comedy!

 The music plays but a small part in this irredeemable romantic comedy feature fraught with flaws 

23 Oct 2021

The Forgotten Battle Movie Review: An intense war drama that needed more novelty

The Forgotten Battle may falter when it comes to the closeness to Dunkirk, but it still is an intense and powerful film

16 Oct 2021

The Manor Movie Review: Horrific, in the creative sense

The most frightening demon to come out of The Manor is its writing – sending shivers down the spine and whatnot. Enough said, really!

12 Oct 2021

Bingo Hell Movie Review: A horror-comedy-thriller of exceptional proportions

A unique horror premise that speaks to the many social and economic ills of our time

01 Oct 2021

The Starling Movie Review: Excellent acting in an inconsistent Film

The acting scores full marks in a story that has too many loopholes to ignore

25 Sep 2021

The Stronghold (BAC Nord) Movie Review: Gritty, realistic, yet unoriginal film

A fair effort in the ‘cops and drug dealers’ genre, the film could have done with more originality to make an impression

18 Sep 2021

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