What To Watch This Week: From Panchayat: Season 3 to Uppu Puli Karam, here's a list of OTT releases

CE Features

Die Hart: Die Harter - Prime Video- May 30

In this sequel to the 2020 film Die Hart, Kevin Hart returns as a fictionalised version of himself. He becomes the target of an evil revenge plot and must seek assistance from his favourite co-star and his over-eager assistant in order to survive. Directed by Eric Appel, the film also features Nathalie Emmanuel, Ben Schwartz, Paula Pell, and John Cena.

Geek Girl- Netflix- May 30

This British Canadian series is about an awkward, neurodivergent teenager, Harriet Manners, whose life is turned upside down when she is spotted to be a model and embarks on a life-affirming journey of self-discovery as she balances high school and high fashion. Created by Holly Smale and Jessica Ruston, the series stars Emily Carey, Emmanuel Imani, and Liam Woodrum in the lead roles.

Eric - Netflix - May 30

This series is about a desperate father, alongside a tenacious cop, who battles his own demons on the streets of 1980s New York as he searches for his missing nine-year-old son. Created by Abi Morgan, the series stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Gaby Hoffmann, and McKinley Belcher III, among others.

Camden - Disney + Hotstar - May 29

This four-part documentary series showcases how this corner of London shaped some of the world's most iconic artists. Through archive footage, observational filming and interviews, the documentary explores Camden's rich history of music. The documentary features stars like Chris Martin, Mark Ronson, and Boy George, among others.

The First Omen - Disney+ Hotstar - May 30

A young American woman is sent to Rome to begin a life of service to the church but encounters darkness that causes her to question her faith and uncovers a terrifying conspiracy that hopes to bring about the birth of evil incarnate. Directed by Arkasha Stevenson, the film stars Nell Tiger Free, Ralph Ineson and Sonia Braga, among others.

Eileen- Jio Cinema - June 1

The stagnant waters of Eileen's dull, stifled life as a solitary worker at a juvenile detention centre in 1960s Boston are unexpectedly disrupted when the institution brings in a new psychologist, the vibrant Rebecca. The fervent enthusiasm that blossoms between the two women almost immediately gives way to a closer relationship until their fragile connection takes a dramatic turn. Directed by William Oldroyd, the film stars Thomasin McKenzie, Shea Whigham and Sam Nivola, among others.

The Last Rifleman - Jio Cinema - May 31

Starring Pierce Brosnan in the lead role, the film is about Artie Crawford (Brosnan), a World War II veteran living in a care home in Northern Ireland who has just lost his wife. On the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy, Artie decides to secretly escape his care home and embarks on an arduous but inspirational journey to France to pay his final respects to his best friend and find the courage to face the ghosts of his past.

Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent - Jio Cinema - May 31

The series follows a squad of elite investigators who investigate corruption and high-level criminality in the Greater Toronto Area.Created by Rene Balcer, Tassie Cameron, and Dick Wolf, the series stars Aden Young, Kathleen Munroe and K.C. Collins, among others.

Dedh Bigha Zameen - Jio Cinema - May 31

Starring Pratik Gandhi as Anil, the film depicts his struggles as he sells his land for his sister's wedding, only to have it stolen by a powerful official. The film is written and directed by Pulkit.

Swatantra Veer Savarkar - Zee 5 - May 28

Starred and directed by Randeep Hooda, the film showcases the life journey of Indian freedom fighter and reformer Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, popularly known as Veer Savarkar.

Panchayat: Season 3 - Prime Video - May 28

It is the third season of the comedy-drama series. The comedy series captures the journey of an engineering graduate, Abhishek, who, for lack of a better job option, joins as secretary of a Panchayat office in a remote village of Uttar Pradesh.

Uppu Puli Karam - Disney+ Hotstar - May 30

It is a story woven around the happenings of an elderly couple and their four children in their family. The series stars Deepika Venkatachalam, Vanitha Krishnachandran, Ayesha Zeenath and Ponvannan, among others.

Oru Nodi-- Aha Tamil - May 31

The film revolves around Inspector Paridhi Ilamaran, who investigates the disappearance of Sakuththala's husband with money, uncovering a web of political corruption and organized crime in Madurai. The film is directed by B Manivarman and features M.S. Bhaskar, Thaman Kumar, and Vela Ramamoorthy, among others.

B & B: Bujji and Bhairava- Prime Video - May 31

This animated prelude to Kalki 2898-AD (2024) follows a bounty hunter and a cargo ship's AI pilot who find each other to set off a crackling story of ambition, adventure, partnership and mainly friendship.