What to watch this week in theatres: Kill, Despicable Me 4, Gaganachari and more

Narayani M

Kill (Hindi) - July 5

Written and directed by Nikhil Nagesh Bhat, the action thriler film stars Lakshya in the lead role along with Raghav Juyal, Ashish Vidyarthi, Harsh Chhaya and Tanya Maniktala. The critically acclaimed film follows Amrit, an army commando, who secretly boards a train to be with his love Tulika who is being forced into an arranged marriage. The train is hijacked by ruthless bandits, and Amrit transforms into a killing machine to save the passengers and Tulika.

Despicable Me 4 (English) - July 5

Directed by Chris Renaud and starring Steve Carell, Miranda Cosgrove and Kristen Wiig in the lead roles as Gru, Miranda and Lucy, the fourth instalment follows Gru as he faces a new nemesis in Maxime Le Mal and his femme fatale girlfriend Valentina, and the family is forced to go on the run. New cast members include, Will Ferrell as Maxime Le Mal, Sofia Vergara as Valentina, and Joey King as Poppy.

7/G (Tamil) - July 5

Sonia Agarwal and Smruthi Venkat headline 7/G, a horror-thriller written and directed by Haroon Rasheed. In 7/G, Smruthi Venkat's character buys a new apartment in the seventh floor. Soon, eerie incidents surround her and the floor which she resides in. Sonia Agarwal, who lives with her son is also subject to these horrors. What happens when the spirit enters Sonia Agarwal's body forms the rest of the story.

Kavundampalayam (Tamil) - July 5

Ranjith SR has written, directed as well as acted in the lead role in Kavundampalayam whose plot centres around the people of the area and Palanichamy. What happens when Palanichamy's daughter elopes, forms the central plot of the story.

Kaagada (Kannada) - July 5

Directed and written by Ranjith Kumar Gowda, Kaagada stars Karegowda Adithya, Jayaram Ankitha and Neha Patil in a story which is about two villages caught between past rivalry and ego clashes.

Gaganachari (Malayalam) - July 5

Gaganachari is a science fiction comedy film which is set in 2040s Kerala where a bachelors' apartment becomes a refuge for a mysterious alien. Directed and written by Arun Chandu, the film stars Anarkali Marikar, Gokul Suresh, Aju Varghese and KB Ganesh Kumar.