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Kala Movie review: A furious, adrenaline-pumping thrill ride

Tovino's new film is a long, bloody duel that impresses with its rawness 

25 Mar 2021

Mohan Kumar Fans movie review
Mohan Kumar Fans Movie Review: A fairly effective blend of satire and emotional drama

Despite the excess melodrama, Mohan Kumar Fans manages to be a smile-inducing entertainer

19 Mar 2021

Varthamanam Movie Review: A bold, fearless film that wants you to speak up

This Parvathy Thiruvoth and Roshan Mathew-starrer addresses every problematic issue plaguing this country today

12 Mar 2021

The Priest Movie Review: A half-remarkable thriller saved by twists and Mammootty

The Priest is at its smartest when it comes to revealing its surprises, even though they have been presented in other films in a different way

11 Mar 2021

Thirike movie review: A fresh take on a familiar tale of brotherhood

Despite its flaws, Thirike succeeds as a film that makes us think a lot about parenthood and the responsibility of looking after a child

26 Feb 2021

Drishyam 2 Movie Review: A richer, expansive, and far superior sequel

Drishyam 2 is the rare sequel that improves upon the original

19 Feb 2021

Operation Java Movie Review: A competently made, thrill-a-minute police drama

The film produces the effect of having seen three or four crime thrillers at once

13 Feb 2021

Saajan Bakery Movie Review: Whimsical, leisurely-paced sibling drama

There are several aspects of Saajan Bakery that evoke European comedies, such as the colours and music

12 Feb 2021

Love Movie Review: A clever Hitchcockian puzzle

The film's final moments make you see the story from a wholly new perspective

29 Jan 2021


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