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Can You Hear Me? Review: A funny, empathetic portrait of three strugglers

Ths Netflix series is powered by its humour and the competent performances of the three main leads

05 Jun 2020

The Lovebirds Movie Review: Needed more wind beneath its wings

Despite Rae and Nanjiani making the most of what they are given in The Lovebirds, the situations are all too generic

01 Jun 2020

Space Force Review: A mission best left aborted

The series has no trajectory, and is a mishmash of ideas that don't mix well

31 May 2020

Kenny Sebastian’s The Most Interesting Person In The Room
Kenny Sebastian’s The Most Interesting Person In The Room review: One for the gallery

It is not that Kenny’s jokes in The Most Interesting Person In The Room aren’t funny, we have just seen him do them plenty of times 

29 May 2020

The Vast of Night Movie Review:  A simple, yet loveable scifi thriller 

An intriguing scifi, that keeps your eyes glued to the screen from the word go

29 May 2020

Control Z Season 1 Review: A riveting teen drama

This Mexican series from Netflix has relatable characters and an interesting central mystery

29 May 2020

Douglas review: Hannah Gadsby strikes again

Douglas is Hannah Gadsby at her prime, and with it, she finds a way to insert the ending her stories deserve

27 May 2020

The Wrong Missy Movie Review - A brilliant Laura Lupkus just about salvages a mediocre comedy

The Wrong Missy fails to elicit more than a cursory laugh, and it is only Lupkus who manages to keep us amused

25 May 2020

Homecoming web series Season 2 Review: A tepid second season puts paid to a promising premise

Season 2 tries to replicate the general unease the content of the first season made you feel, but falters

22 May 2020


Once theatres reopen, how soon will you get to the theatres?

Duh! I am already at the theatre
Two weeks. Corona and cinemas need quarantine
Month - Better safe than sorry
Two months - Precaution never infected anyone
What theatres? I am OTT label